Friday, August 1, 2014

Sterling Grace at 16 months

Our sweet baby is quickly turning into a big kid!  She is changing so much these days and her little personality is really coming out.  Here is what Sterling is doing at 16 months:

*Sterling is attached to her baby.  As soon as it gets in her hand her two fingers automatically go in her mouth and the baby up against her face.  Baby has really gotten pretty ragged (she got it in her stocking this past year for Christmas) so I set out to find a new one as backup just in case.  Easier said than done and I ended up ordering the only two I could find off Amazon for $40!!!!

*She copies everything Brayden does and wants to do everything he is doing
*She is still a really good eater, eats almost anything and a lot of it!
*Likes taking things out and putting things back in containers
*Really likes listening to books!  Hurray!  She will grab books, bring them to us, sit in our lap, and sit through a story or two.  She likes to kiss the different animals in the books we read too, so funny!  She does, however still prefer short books.
*Sterling is pointing to several body parts.  For the longest time she would point to her mouth for every body part we would ask her.  Now she will point to her mouth, nose, eyes, hair, tummy, and belly button correctly most of the time
*Speaking of belly buttons, Sterling is obsessed with hers and anyone else's she can find.  She is always trying to lift up her shirt or dress trying to find it.  She pokes at it and makes this this cute little high pitched noise.  
*She is finally starting to say some more words.  Her vocabulary has taken quite a while to pickup but she is saying a little more now.  She will say:  mama, dada, baba (baby) ni-ni (nigh, night which she does along with laying down and pretending to go to sleep) ball, her version of yes (which she nods her little head yes while she says it) her version of thank you, but still mainly grunts and fusses at us to tell us what she wants.  
*Sterling loves all stuffed animals and babies, she loves to snuggle them, pretend feed them, give them a paci etc.  It is just crazy to me how this is an innate thing with Sterling that Brayden obviously never did!

*Girlfriend is obsessed with shoes!  If she is not wearing shoes (or even if she is) she will bring us shoes, hand them to us, and "uh, uh, uh" until we put them on her.  She will hold onto my shoulder and lift her little leg up for me to put the shoe on.  We may have a problem with this one people!!!
*She has a newfound interest for eating with a fork.  She has obviously been feeding herself for a long while now but really has no interest in being fed anymore.  I have a couple more baby yogurts in the fridge to feed her if she will let me.  She loves eating with a fork, is getting pretty good at poking the food herself and is really good at getting the fork with food into her mouth.  A lot of the time she will "uh, uh, uh", hand her fork to me for me to poke her food and hand back to her to put in her mouth.  It is funny because we have to make Brayden (who is perfectly capable and proficient with utensils) use his fork and lately we have been pointing out what a great job his baby sister is doing!

*Sterling gets called a couple of nicknames around here:  Tootie, Tootie Girl, Toodles, Kitty, and Brayden will call her "Tootie Giwl"
*Sweet girl is really into pretending she is a puppy dog...She will pant, put dog toys in her mouth and run around, and of course cuddle up for "ni-ni" in Mia's dog bed.  She of course learned this all from her brother who also likes to play dog, especially fetch....:)

Pretty soon this baby girl won't be the baby around here anymore!  Just LOVE our girl and watching her personality grow and change as she gets older :)

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