Wednesday, September 10, 2014

July 2014

We started off the month of July heading down to Port A for a long Fourth of July weekend with family and friends.  We had so much fun and took SO many pictures!!!

All packed up and ready to go with just a couple babies ...We are quickly outgrowing our car!!!

Of course we had to spend some time down at the beach.  Brayden LOVED it and I think Sterling takes after her Daddy and just kind of tolerates it!

Brayden had the time of his life with his best friends and we all had a great time celebrating Ms. Dena's birthday on the Fourth:

Could Colten be any sweeter?!

Melt my heart, brother sister love!

A picture of the two of us?!  It's been a long time!  Thanks Ms. Kim! :)

Both kids did so great at the pool, getting more and more comfortable every day.  Brayden even swam the whole width of the pool without floaties several times, he did so great and we were incredibly proud!!!

Brayden had a great time at the Clines BBQ and especially the piñata!  We have gone back down to the coast several times since and every time Brayden asks if there is going to be a piñata there!  

We let buddy stay up really late for fireworks, he did so great but was definitely exhausted!!! 

Naked IPad with sunglasses anyone?!  GaGa's IPad is always a hit with Brayden!
We got to celebrate a big birthday for GaGa!  

Oreo crushing for homemade icecream

We had such a great time and it definitely took everyone a couple days to get back on a normal schedule once we got home!

Here are a bunch of randoms from the rest of the month of July:

Watching golf with Daddy :)  I know this makes Brian so happy!

Helping mommy in the kitchen, of course Sterling wanted to climb right up and "help" too!
Everyone knows the best part is tasting!

We had this blow up pool out in our backyard for several weeks and let the kids go our and play almost every afternoon.  Brayden would slide and slide all day long!
 We went to Incredible Pizza for the first time and then we went back again when Grandma was in town!  Both kids LOVED it and seriously had the best time.

Brayden's first go cart ride!

AND first experience with Laser tag!

Grandma took him for a ride too!  

These kids would be happy just running from game to game and just "playing" them...They just pretend to play the game and have no clue they really aren't! 
Grandpa came and spent some time too!
Our days just wouldn't be complete if every single cushion and pillow weren't on the floor and made into a fort!  
These last few are just my favorites!  So loving watching these two form a friendship and love seeing how much Sterling just adores Brayden :)

Sweet, sweet, kisses!!

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