Sunday, September 21, 2014

August 2014

We started out the month of August with a nice long trip down to Port A.  We spent the first couple of days with GaGa and PaPa at the condo and the last couple of days with Grandpa Rehkopf and the rest of our Rehkopf family for our annual family beach trip.  The kids were both so good and flexible but both came down with a cough and cold for the last couple days of the trip.

We went to a restaurant with live music and the kids LOVED it!  They both loved listening to the music and dancing like crazy!  It was hilarious to watch...especially when PaPa joined in on the dancing!!!  They both wore themselves out from running and spinning around so much, so sweet!

Brayden and Sterling both loved getting to spend so much time with their cousins and second cousins!  

We got to celebrate Uncle Brandon's birthday with cake and ice-cream

Look at that concentration, oreo stacking contest :)

Sterling had so much fun, she just loves when everyone is excited and clapping!  She was just shrieking with excitement! 

Both kids warmed up more and more to the beach.  Although they were both finished at about two hours tops each day before we headed up to the pool

Brayden scooted his chair right up to Halleys so he could be as close as possibl

Brayden loved hosing himself and everyone else down after the beach each day

Sterling, not quite a fan of getting sprayed!
Grandpa Rehkopf with his grandkids

Brayden and Sterling with their sweet cousins Halley and Carson

Sterling was loving playing with the boogie boards!

Here are some more pics from this month:
We kept Nash a couple times this month and we never know what the kids like most, playing with Nash or playing in his cage!!!

A trip fun trip to the zoo with friends :)

Lately the favorite things to do around our house are fort building and "monster truck race" which consists of either pushing a truck or car, or getting on a riding car while chasing the other person either racing or trying to crash into each other!  Brayden just has endless amounts of energy and absolutely tires us out playing this game!!  Sterling will gladly play with him but the only problem is that sometimes he gets carried away and is a little rough...
It is usually tough to get a picture of them in action because they are going so fast!

And finally, when we are at home these two are almost always together these days.  It is just so much fun to watch them interact and play.  LOVE watching their relationship grow :)

Won't be long till we have three little monkeys running around here...YIKES!!!!!

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