Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pregnancy Update 36 weeks

This post will probably be incredibly boring to most but I just don't want to forget the details of this pregnancy and want to have it recorded!  It is very hard for me to believe that this pregnancy is coming to an end, it really has gone by pretty fast and here we are at 36 weeks!!!  Brayden came pretty early at 36 weeks and 6 days so we are just trying to make sure we are prepared in case baby decides to make an appearance early.  So here is what is going on with baby and I at 9 months:

*Overall I am feeling pretty great and still have quite a bit of energy!  With that being said, I do hit a slump every afternoon and have been taking advantage of the kids nap time to lay down for a little bit as well.
*I am still trying to exercise most days but my workouts have been pretty limited to low impact cardio, walking, and still body pump a couple days a week
*My feet and ankles have started swelling just within the past couple of weeks, my right one more so that my left and it is extremely uncomfortable by the end of the day
*I remember having pretty bad heartburn with both of my other pregnancies but have somehow dodged it up until recently with this pregnancy.  Probably for about the past month it has gotten pretty bad and I have been popping some major tums!
*The veins on my legs have completely taken over and are out of control!  I am really, really hoping that they will go away on their own once we have baby.  They can be kind of uncomfortable and throb at times which is a fun little pregnancy side effect!
*We still don't know what we are having!  It has really been fun for us not knowing the gender of this baby and easier than I would have imagined.  For some reason I am feeling like it is going to be a boy, but I know we are going to be surprised either way!
*I don't know if it is because we don't know the gender but we have had the hardest time deciding on names!  We have had a girl name picked out for a couple of months now but literally decided today (I think) on a boy name.  I know it has been driving Brian crazy because he is such a planner and hates to have loose ends!
*We haven't done much to prepare for baby....Literally nothing has been done to what will be babies room and it still looks like our guest room, with a pack and play in the corner!  Sterling is still in our crib and not ready for a big girl bed yet so we are just going to keep baby in the pack n play until S is ready for the transition.  Baby will probably be in our room for several months anyway so we know we have plenty of time to get the nursery ready.  We are really also just waiting to see what we end up having before we order too much for the room and are going to reuse as much as possible from Brayden and Sterling's nurseries as well.  We have all the necessities now though and all we really need is a baby!
*A little bit of nesting has definitely set in around here.  I washed and folded all of our newborn boy and girl clothes the other day so baby will at least have some pajamas when they get home :)
I cleaned out the pantry and some cabinets, have been neurotic with keeping all the laundry clean, and have been trying to keep the house as clean as possible at all times just in case baby comes I would much rather come home to a clean house!
*I started packing our hospital bag and have lists made for the kids bags
*Sterling doesn't seem to have a clue what is going on and the big change that is about to happen in her life but Brayden seems to fully understand and be excited about the baby.  He loves to touch my belly and feel the baby give him "high fives", he helped me set up the pack n plays, he also helped sort all of the baby laundry.  He has been my "helper" when I change Sterling's diaper, practicing for helping with baby.  He asked Brian and I the other day where Sterling would sleep when we go to the coast.  I guess he realizes that the baby will be in the pack n play and that Sterling will no longer be there!  Then he suggested the extra bed in his room (which is where she will be anyway) we just thought it was so funny he was thinking this far ahead!
*The fact that this pregnancy is coming to an end is very bittersweet to me!  Knowing it will probably be our last is just a little bit sad.....I am trying to really soak in every last bit of this pregnancy, feeling the baby move inside of me, the anticipation of the end and how/when the baby will come, I know in just a couple years will feel like a distant memory where it is all I have known off and on these past four years of my life.

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