Monday, October 6, 2014

September 2014

What a busy, fun, and HOT September we had!  Here is what we were up to this month:

Labor Day fun at GaGa and PaPas house 

Brayden started his second year of MDO tiny tots on Tuesday's and Thursday's.  He was excited to get started this year and there was not one single tear at drop off on the first day.  What a difference a year makes!  Of course it could also be because we were lucky enough to get Brayden's super teacher from last year (Ms. Trina) so he was already comfortable and just adores her!  Still no naps on school days so Brayden is pretty cranky by dinner time and we are just headed to bed early.   Here are a couple pictures of Brayden on his first day:

Of course Tootie doesn't miss a photo op! 

We have given in to after school cartoons for this tired boy

It has been so darn hot (not to mention I am about 100 degrees hotter being 9 months pregnant in the summer!) so we have been spending a lot of time entertaining ourselves inside!   These two are just such good friends and have been playing so well together which is really fun for us to watch!  Literally every single day my couch, every cushion, and every.single.pillow gets used to make a fort which is pretty entertaining for the both of them.  

Monster truck race game continues to give us hours of fun!

September 7 was Grandparents Day so we had some of our Grandparents over for a special dinner :)

Aunt Chris came too!

Sterling and I went to San Marcos to meet up with Tavia and her precious Hollis for lunch in one of our old favorite restaurants on the square.  It was the first time for Sterling to meet her new friend Hollis and my first time to see her since the day she was born!

Tave and I with our girls and one more in the tummy!  
September was also the start of our first experience with Soccer!!!  Brayden had been so excited to get all of his gear, practice with daddy, and get started with his first practice.  Surprising to us, Brayden spent his entire first practice on the bleachers and had no interest in getting out there and playing... Unfortunately his first soccer practice landed on the evening of his first day of school so he was pretty tired and worn out from the day.  It took a little coaxing from his daddy to get him out there for the next practice and for his first game but once he finally got the hang of it he seemed to like it. So far there have been tears at almost every game from being knocked down, the sun in his eyes, or his shoe falling off (which seems to happen a lot) or the occasional head bump with another player but he is starting to toughen up a little...Brian and I are starting to wonder if maybe three is a little young for us to start Brayden in organized sports! 

So much fun playing on the same team as Dylan!

It is really really hard to keep Sterling off the field, she really wants to play too!!

These two are hilarious!  They kept on holding hands and here is the coach trying to break it up!

Pep talk from dad

Aunt Christi dragging our girl off the field before she gets pummeled!
We had a fun dinner with the Baynhams and they surprised the kids with Cowboys jerseys (which they seriously wear all of the time!!!) and a cookie cake to celebrate the upcoming arrival of little baby B, so sweet!

We have been doing an extra swim lesson with friends at our neighborhood pool all summer and we had our last one at the end of this month.  The kids always enjoyed having a picnic by the pool before  heading home for naps.  This last day it was super cold and the kids would hardly get in, so thats all until next Spring!  

Sterling is really getting quite the personality these days and it is so much fun getting to know her and watch her grow!  Here are a couple of my favorites of Sterling from this month:

She just recently started making this "cold" face and it is the funniest thing ever!  She knows she is being funny too so she will do it over and over again!
Sterling is so into coloring these just have to watch her though because she will color on anything...including our walls!!!

Sweet, sweet sleeping baby girl.  She looks gigantic in her crib

Looking forward to posting about our new arrival next month!

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