Sunday, February 15, 2015

Breckenridge 2015

Wow, what an AMAZING trip we had to Colorado this year!  I didn't realize how many pictures we had taken until I started this blog post, geesh!  Lots of firsts this year:

*Chandlers first plane ride
*Sterlings first time to play in the snow!
*Braydens first time snowboarding!

We had a fun filled and action packed trip, here are just a few pics :)

Bags are packed and ready to go, at the airport!  Brian and I are clearly outnumbered so luckily we had Aunt Christi there to help us out on the plane ride there.  GaGa and PaPa had most of our luggage so we didn't have to check any bags either.

Awesome pilot!  Brayden was amazed!

Sterling, a little unsure!

All set to go!

All smiles!

Brayden was great, he was able to watch movies and play games the whole flight, Chandler slept pretty much the whole time and Sterling had a bit of rough go!  She wouldn't sit for a movie and got pretty squirmy and had her moments poor girl!

GaGa and PaPa picked us up from the airport and these two were able to catch a snooze!
 We had an amazing house walking distance from the lift with just gorgeous views.  We definitely got our fair share of snow while we were here!

Day 1:  Headed out for the slopes.  I am so thankful for our GaGa who so graciously stays home with the girls so I can go out and snow board for a few hours!  I am still nursing Chandler girl every 3-4 hours though so I had to come back to the house several times to feed my girl!

Oh I am so lucky for this one!  Unfortunately my phone fell out of my pocket on the lift and Christi, bless her heart got out in the snow and hiked around with me for about an hour looking for it without complaining once!  Luckily someone had picked it up and returned it to lost and found and I was able to get it right back.  Better believe that is NEVER going to happen to me again!

Brian and his snowboarding buddy, Brian was INCREDIBLY patient and took Brayden out to learn to snow board our first morning.  He did great and was a natural,  Brian was very sore from hefting him all over the hill though!

Oh how I love to hold her while she sleeps and I just don't get to do it enough!  Perfection

Brayden took snowboarding school all day the second day and did terrific!

I love this!  Little Chandler is just a little bundled up for her venture out of the house!

More than anything else Brayden really just loved shoveling snow!  He could have done this for hours!

GaGa and Tootie walking the slippery walk to the bottom of the slope

My loves taking a little cartoon break

My snowboarding buddies for this trip


Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen?!  Such a tiny little snowboard!

So proud of our boy!

PaPa gave snowboarding a try too!

And THIS is why Brian was sore!


Nothing like some good food and drinks at the bottom of the mountain!

We played in the snow a lot!  Brayden LOVES it and seems to have no feeling when it comes to the cold!

There was an awesome theatre room in our house
 We headed down the road to do some tubing.  Unfortunately Sterling was not tall enough to go down so PaPa and GaGa just pulled her around for a bit!

The boys headed out to snowboard/ski on our last full day there so GaGa and I got these girls out of the house and took them on a Gondola ride into town.  We took them to the Breckenridge Childrens museum and it was so cute!  Sterling had a really good time there and there was a lot to see and do.

She loved this little slide and "bears den"

I love this pic, cool guys!

SUCH an amazing trip and so many memories made!

Group pic!

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