Monday, January 19, 2015

Chandler is 3 months old


*Side note:  Our sweet and silly Brayden was helping me with Chandlers pictures and was trying to make her smile.  He was being so silly and guess what?  It worked!  She had this little smirk on her face like what is this kid doing?!  Here is Brayden behind the camera:

After I got pictures of Chan by herself I finally let the other two join in and got a couple cute sibling pics too :)

OK, and now here is what is going on with Chandler and three months old:

*She is sleeping okay...I nurse her for the last time of the day between 8-8:30, put her in bed about 9:00.  She has been waking up between 1-3:00 for me to feed her again and then once more sometime between 4-6:30 for me to feed her another time.  Between 8-8:30 am I always feed her to start our schedule for the day.
*Chandler is taking four naps a day.  She takes a short 30-45 min nap on the go in the morning in her car seat or at the gym, a good two hour nap after lunch at about noon, about and hour nap in the evening before dinner, and one more cat nap in the evening for about 30-45 minutes before she gets her bath and goes down for the night.
*She had her first cold this month which affected her sleeping a little and was so pathetic.  It is so sad to hear a baby this young with a cough!  We took her to the doctor and there was literally nothing wrong with her, just a cold thank goodness.  I cleared out her nose several times a day for weeks because she was so stuffed up.  Thank goodness for saline drops and I finally gave in and bought the nose frida because the regular bulb syringe was irritating her nose.  Oh my goodness that thing is pretty awesome and I have to admit I kind of have fun using it on her and feel very satisfied  when I get her nose cleared out!  Oh the joys of being a mommy!
*When we went to the doctor she weighed 11.8 pounds so I am happy to see she is still gaining weight good which is always a relief when you are breastfeeding and have no idea how much they are actually eating every day
*Chandler is really a good baby.  She goes with the flow, and usually only cries when she is hungry or tired.  She takes a paci when she is in her carseat and we are out running errands but we don't give her one for naps or at night.  She is really trying to find a finger to suck on so I am crossing my fingers that she finds one to soothe herself soon.  She is so sweet and her whole face just lights up when she sees you or when you talk to and smile at her.
*She is "talking" more and more and it is just the most beautiful sound
*She started smiling this month, melt. my. heart
Oh how I love watching these sleeping babies, just look at those beautiful lips!

Hanging out with her girl Blair at the gym

She is doing great building strength in her neck and back

Look closely, can you see her crazy hair?  It literally always sticks straight up no matter how many times I get it wet and lay it down!!!

Sterling "reading" Chandler a book

One of her first bottles!

Digging the bumbo!

Sure do love this precious baby!!!

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