Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014

Each year as the kids get a little bit older, Christmas is that much more fun!  The anticipation was so exciting for Brayden this year and Sterling was able to enjoy Christmas morning and opening presents this year!

Christmas Eve we made and decorated sugar cookies for Santa and went to Christmas Eve mass with Grandpa, GaGa, Papa, Christi, and Keith.

Santa came!!!  Brayden's favorite gifts this year were his big boy bike and his big remote control truck.  Sterling's favorite was her new car so she can ride around the house like Brayden!

Chandlers first Christmas, she spent most of the morning lounging!

Hard to know who was most excited for this!

Time to play!!!  It was so funny to Brian and I as the kids were opening their gifts so slowly, they just wanted to play with each of them and it took a while to get them all opened!  

Race around the world!  We all love these cars!

Remote control truck!

Around lunch time we headed over to GaGa and PaPa's house to spend the rest of the day.  We ate, opened presents, played, and just enjoyed each other.  Such a blessing to have so much great family nearby!

Oh how I'll miss this!  That little paci just hangin  on the edge of her barely opened mouth as she has just fallen asleep!

The kids loved their new sleeping bags from Aunt Christi!

And as the day came to an end, lots of snuggles and maybe a few nappers here and there!

Whew, what a couple of long and eventful days!  We'll be at home recovering, resting, and playing with our new toys for the next few days if anyone needs us!

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