Monday, December 1, 2014

November 2014

November was an adjustment month...All the dust had finally settled after Chandler's birth and we, I was trying to figure out this three children thing.  I tried to get all three out of the house a couple of times and it was definitely work!  However, by the end of this month we are finally starting to get into our groove and had a little bit of fun :)  Here is what we were put to this month:

These two are getting to be better friends every day!
Chandler's first walk in the stroller while our sweet friends took Brayden to play and to Jims with Colten and Cooper

We had some warm days and I have been taking the girls to the park to play while Brayden is at school


Who Me?!  Look at that skinny little!
 I felt brave and when Chandler was about two weeks I took all three kids to kiddie park by myself!  Partly to get everyone out of the house to have some fun and I think partly to prove to myself that I could actually do it!  It went great and the kids had such a fun time!  It was Sterling's first time to go and ride rides and she definitely enjoyed it :)

Of all the seats on the carousel they chose to sit on the bench together!

Proof that Chandler was there too!

Grandma came in for a couple of days and helped me juggle all three kids, made us food, and was a good source of entertainment for Brayden and Sterling.

We coordinated our Second annual neighborhood food drive and collected lots of food for families in San Antonio.  Brayden was very into it this year and enjoyed passing out the fliers and collecting the food.

GaGa came with us for our first trip to thin air trampoline park.  We had SO much fun and were drenched in sweat by the time our hour was up!

All of our babies!
 At the end of the month Grandma and Grandpa stopped in again and Grandpa got to meet Chandler for the first time.

I LOVE This pic!

And we were all so excited to end the month decorating the Christmas tree!!!  Brayden got into it this year and was actually a great helper with all of the ornaments!

Looking forward to a busy and fun filled December!

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