Friday, December 19, 2014

Chandler is two months old!

Of course Sterling wanted to get in on the photo shoot!

Our sweet Chandler was two months on the 19th of this month, here is what she is doing at two months old:
*At her two month appointment she weighted 10 pounds 14 oz
*At five weeks this crazy girl started rolling over from her stomach to back!  The first time she did it I thought it was a fluke but then she continued to do it over and over again!  She had been doing it almost every time I put her on her stomach but she has slowed down a little and is not doing it quite as much.
*At about seven weeks we had the joy of seeing Chandler start to smile...such a precious and rewarding thing to see!

*On average Chandler is going for about 5-6 hours for her longest stretch at night
*She still eats 6-7 times a day and is still a very good little nurser
*She is a good baby with a pretty pleasant and happy disposition.  For a while there she was having a tough time in the evening and just wanted to be held.  She has gotten over that now and is taking a good little nap at night before getting a bath and being fed.  She also went through a period of time where she did not want to be put down by herself very much so she was being held a lot!  She has gotten better about that too and we are able to lay her down on her little playmat or in her swing for a bit and she is happy.  At two months she spends most of her time eating and sleeping...with a little bit of waketime in between!  Here are a few pics of Chandler this month:

The kids are always happy to do tummy time with Chandler, Brayden is really good with her and being gently but little Ms. Sterling still needs to be watched like a hawk when she is near her!

She's doing pretty good holding that little neck up, strong girl!

I just LOVE the way new babies just melt into you and fall asleep so sweet
So thankful for this happy, healthy baby!

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