Wednesday, June 3, 2015

May 2015

What an incredibly busy and fun month!  Here is what our family was up to this May :)

We spent the first weekend of May in Austin celebrating one of my best friends getting married!  It takes a village so luckily Grandpa, GaGa and PaPa were all able to help us out with the kids so we were able to make it to all of the wedding festivities.  On Friday I drove up to Austin early with Chandler so I could go to Jenny's bridal luncheon and I left Chandler with Grandpa for the afternoon. Meanwhile GaGa and PaPa drove up later in the day with the bigs and we met them on the road to give them Chandler so we could go to the rehearsal dinner.  We stayed with Brians family in Lakeway at the Lakeway resort and the kids had such a great time.  

Sleeping in the same room usually means EARLY wake up times!  

With some of my best girls from college at the rehearsal dinner celebrating JEN 00 becoming a MRS!

The kids had A BLAST at the pool and Brayden especially liked going down the water slide.  We pretty much all took a turn with him since he wasn't able to go down alone but I think sweet PaPa takes the cake on going down with him the most times!

The kids always love getting to spend time with Aunt Christi, Uncle Keithy and Ms. Jen were  in town for a wedding this weekend too

With the bride right before she walked out to say I DO!

We had some incredibly tired kiddos on the way home.  Brayden looks so big but yet so small still in this pic...

We had quite a bit of rain this month which resulted in lots of cancelled and rescheduled soccer games but this particular game they played in the pouring down rain, and it was COLD!  Can you tell that Brayden didn't mind one bit?!

Finally made it back to the zoo!  The kids always LOVE To go

Sterling seems excited to go to swimming lessons and quickly melts down once her coach gets there to start the lesson..Like screaming at the top of her lungs almost the entire thing, poor girl!

We always love when "Baby Faith" comes to play, Chandler especially seems to like having a friend her size around!
We had the most perfect day on Mothers Day this year..
My bud came to wake me up with a balloon surprise and some early morning snuggles.

Reading the pictures they gave me
And I took Sterling for her very first pedicure!  They didn't' have a chair small enough for her so she just sat in my lap and I was amazed that she sat still the entire time, almost 45 minutes!  We both had such a great time and it was especially sweet for me to share this experience with her on mothers day.  After our pedicure I took her to lunch, just the two of us and she seemed to really enjoy the one on one time.

After naps we headed over to GaGa and PaPas for the rest of the day.  It was hilarious because Sterling kept saying "happy birthday GaGa" all day!  She knew we were celebrating something but just seemed a little confused on what that something was!  

These two Love making homemade ice-cream with GaGa

"Happy Birthday GaGa" LOL!

Love all the LOVE around here!

The kids (especially Brayden) were obsessed with watching our driveway get poured on the new house

Brian and Brayden really enjoy going to top golf together, this time they took Sterling along!   Looks like she enjoyed the food!  Brian said her swing needs a lot of work, LOL!
Brayden had his very last day of school at Concordia :(  We had such a great experience there and will definitely miss it and the friends that we made there as well.  Here are some pics of my guy on his last day!  I laughed comparing pictures from his first day of school to his last because he is so well groomed and prepared for his first day and yet so thrown together for his last!  I also love these pictures because Chandler wasn't here for the beginning of school but here she is for the last day of school pictures ;)
One of my favorites, love the look of adoration on Sterlings face!

COOL guy
We had Brayden's end of season soccer party at Brayden's favorite restaurant Bigz!  All three of the kids had a pretty great time!
Chandler getting lots of attention from the big girls!

Such sweet girls just love our baby!

GaGa and PaPa came for lunch too!

Brayden getting his very first ever trophy from Ms. Lewis

Two of Brayden's favorite things, cupcakes and Caroline!!!
Man, we had a lot of rain this month!  It seriously put a big dent in our outside play!
These two spent a lot of time looking at and playing in the rain..

And to end the month, we had a pretty awesome Memorial Day weekend with family.  Although it rained more we were still able to spend some time outside swimming at GaGa and PaPas house.  On Saturday we went over and got to spend time with GaGa and PaPa, and Mamer and PaPa Barron.

Brayden finally got to try out his jet ski he got for his birthday

Oh this spunky girl cracks me up!!!

Both kids think Mamer Barron is pretty funny!  We were happy to get to see her and Great PaPa this weekend!

Brayden showing his PaPas his swing!

On Monday, all of GaGas family came over for the day and the big bonus was Brians cousins kids came to play!  Our kids had so much fun playing with their kids and their girls are super sweet.  Brayden and Carissa are very close in age and it was so cute how well they hit it off.  What a fun day with family!

A little rain didn't stop these two!  

And purple lips!  They were COLD!  But so so adorable playing together!!!
Snuggles from Mamer loving on her great grand baby 
And just a few more from the month:

The sun finally came out and you wouldn't believe the fun these two are having in this plastic pool!

Best idea ever!!!!

I lOVE this!  Every time Brayden gets his foam roller out, the kids think its time for a ride!  Brian is happy to oblige, I think the extra weight actually makes it feel better!

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