Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Chandler at 7 months

Our sweet Chandler turned seven months yesterday and we are having so much fun watching her grow and get a little personality of her own.  Here is what Chandler is up to at seven months:

*Most importantly, sleep first!  Chandler has gotten into a really good sleep pattern and is pretty predictable.  We feed her for the last time of the day between 7-7:30 and she goes down for the night. She went through a couple of weeks when I didn't have to feed her again until about 8:00 am and some mornings I was having to wake her at 8:30!  She still does that some mornings but other mornings I am getting up to feed her about 5:30-6 am for the first feeding of the day but put her right back in bed to sleep until about 8:00. Not to shabby, gotta say I am loving all of this consecutive sleep!
See that pack n play in the corner of the playroom?!  That is where our Chandler has been sleeping for the past month +.  We had family come in town and they needed to sleep in "Chandler's room" so we put her upstarts in the playroom and that is where she has been ever since!  She sleeps so good up there and seems happy and we will just keep her there until we move into the new house. 
*She is so easy to put down for naps and sleep.  During the day she still gets pretty tired after being awake for 2+ hours.  She usually gets a short nap on the go in the mornings sometime between 10-11 and then goes down for her long nap at about noon for a couple hours and one more hour nap around four in the afternoon.  When its time to put her down, all we do is put her in her crib (pack n play still...) and she will usually play for a few minutes, stick her little thumb in her mouth, turn over on her tummy and go to sleep.  Often when it is time to get her up from a nap or in the morning, she is just laying there wide awake sucking her thumb not even crying for someone to come get her!  How great is that?!  AND she always wakes up with the best disposition, so sweet and happy!

Good morning darling!
*Pic taken right after waking her up :)

*Chandler is still just the best little nurser and we are having my best breastfeeding experience yet! After Brian tried and tried, he was finally able to get her to take a full bottle just in time for us to be able to go to a friends wedding for the weekend.  Brian now gives her a bedtime bottle of breastmilk every other night so we can make sure she continues to take a bottle in case we need it!  I also noticed that she was still acting hungry and maybe a little frustrated when I feed her that time of night and I started to think she wasn't satisfied and getting enough milk because my last two feedings are kind of close together.  I started giving her an additional two ounces of pumped breastmilk from a bottle after nursing her and that seems to be doing the trick!  This also means that I am starting to spend a little extra time with my old friend the pump but I don't mind because I am not using it near as much as I had to with our Sterling girl!
*Busy girl spends most of her days on the floor practicing her skills...CRAWLING, creeping, rocking, and planking.  She no longer stays in one spot on the floor where we left her and isn't crawling far yet but definitely gets to the toy that she wants.  

*She also spends quite a bit of happy time in her jumper squealing and shrieking

*LOVES watching all the action around her, there is plenty going on over here to keep her entertained!  This month she has given us a good belly laugh when watching Brayden and when watching Mia, it is so cute.  

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