Friday, May 1, 2015

April 2015

Easter,  two birthdays, fiesta, soccer, opening day....what a busy month we had! Here are some of the highlights:

Sometimes I try to treat Sterling like she is such a big girl but really my girl is still such a baby! :(

But SUCH a TWO year old!  Happy one minute...

THIS the next...
Brian and PaPa took Brayden for their annual opening day baseball game in Houston to see the Astros play.  Their seats were awesome on the front row, third baseline so Brayden was really able to see.  If you look really closely you'll see that Braydens clothes are really dirty, he fell in a huge puddle of muddy water on their way through the parking lot and was covered! Such a great memory for them..

Thanks PaPa!!!!!

And the highlight is ALWAYS the cotton candy!:

Bubs catching a snooze

Brayden "helping' build our house next door

Haha!  These two are practicing their back float for swim lessons 

Brayden LOVES playing baseball in the backyard and gets anyone that comes over to get out and play with him.  This time he had poor Grandpa running like he probably hasn't run in twenty years!!!  You should have heard him "run faster Grandpa!" I think Grandpa might have been a little sore the next day!

The kids new school for next year is in Boerne so we went to check it out one day and stopped to feed the ducks along the river.  Both of our kids are such animal lovers and this kept them entertained for the longest time!  Sterling says "awwww sweet" "baby"!

Always nice to have an extra set of hands on deck!


Fiesta parade day at tiny tots

Sweet Sterling is so ready for "big girl school".  She was so into the parade and every time we drop Brayden at school she wants to stay and play with the kids.  She keeps talking about "own school" and toys.

Brayden gives Chandler a little more attention every day.  She definitely loves the interaction with her siblings.

These bikes are fun, for ALL of us!  Thanks Oquins for your hand me downs!

Brayden is still such a snuggler, often saying "I want to snuggle you, or come lay with me" such a lover!

These two like to rough house a lot..... We are constantly having to tell Brayden to be a little more gentle with Sterling but she does enjoy it just as much as him!
 I turned 33 this month (old I know!) and had such a nice surprise!  When I got home from the gym Saturday morning I found this:

A girls dream! Brian had set up a table full of new clothes with a note saying pick something to wear to go out and celebrate your birthday tonight, so fun!

He had arranged for Aunt Christi to come watch the kids!  (thanks again!!!!)

Dinner at Bobs

And top golf with friends, such a fun surprise and great birthday!  What a sweet, sweet husband I have and how lucky I am to have someone who is so thoughtful!
 A couple days later it was my actual birthday which we spent at bigz with our family :)

How lucky am I to get to spend my days with these two sillies?!  This picture captures these two sweets and our day to day so well!

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