Friday, April 24, 2015

Happy FOURTH Birthday Brayden!!!

We just finished celebrating our big boys big fourth birthday!  He is so funny and has such a little personality and is really becoming his own little person.  I don't want to forget what he is like at this age so here is what the boy who made us parents is like at four years old:

*He LOVES sports, loves to be active...Right now is especially into playing soccer, playing baseball (batting, throwing, catching, and running bases) likes to play catch with any ball he can find, tackle, hitting the tennis ball, playing basketball, and "whacking" golf balls.  He has endless energy and would play all day if he had the chance.  He is incredibly determined when he puts his mind to something, loves to practice and just keep on trying!
*He is aggressive and competitive 

Likes going to the driving range and had a great time with dad at Top Golf

Boys only day at top golf
*We had a really hard time when people would ask us what to get him for his birthday because he is just not a huge fan of toys.  He will build blocks or legos but does not play with toys very often, he would prefer to be active and loves games like hide and go seek.  He has also started liking playing board games such as candy land, chutes and ladders, don't spill the beans, jenga, and he really likes the game Hullabaloo.  
*Brayden is an incredibly sensitive and emotional kiddo..He often wakes up in the morning and after naps on the wrong side of the bed and takes a little while, usually a meal before his mood shifts.  He gets his feelings hurt pretty easily and still cries often when he does not get something that he wants or doesn't get his way.  When he starts crying he will usually say "but I'm not feeling good" no matter what the circumstances
*He still loves to cuddle and snuggle and lately more than ever will randomly say "Love you" out of nowhere
*He still sleeps like a champ from about 7:30/8-7:30/8 and also still takes naps about every other day, definitely not on school days though!
*He likes to make up games with the most random made up names and have Sterling play them with him
*Brayden loves to play outside, riding bikes, digging in the dirt or sand, climbing trees, swinging, jumping on the trampoline
He loves to go to "that store" (next door) where we are building our new home to "help" dad and really enjoys hammering nails
*He still loves to read.  He will sit for story after story after story and knows many of our books by heart now
*He has been practicing a lot and can now legibly write his name although we still can't figure out if he is truly left or right handed yet.  He is also finally starting to get better at coloring in the lines and not just scribbling

*Brayden loves going to school, likes his teachers and his friends and never has any reservations about being dropped off.  He loves one friend in particular, his friend from class last year "Caroline" and plays with her almost everyday on the playground.  He tells us they play baby puppies, which they often play at the kids club at the gym together as well and today he told us they played "super hero baby puppies"!  

*He is still loving playing soccer and this season he is playing with several kids from school which he was excited about including ms. Caroline!  He is getting better and better and makes at least one goal at his games.  A couple of weeks ago it was raining and he stood at his window and said "Dear God, please help it stop raining so I can have my soccer game"!

The dirtier the better!

*Brayden still loves building forts and playing make believe with Sterling, playing anything with Sterling for that matter.  Those two are just great buds most of the time and it helps that she will pretty much do anything that he says.  He is very sweet to both girls as well and helps Sterling when she needs it or is having a hard time.

Best buds!
*He is doing amazing in swim lessons!  He is especially good at the back stroke and goes really fast! He can now swim the entire length of the large indoor pool switching back and forth between swimming forwards and backwards.  We are just so proud of him and are so relieved that we don't have to worry quite as much with him around pools this summer.  

Here are a few more recent pics of our sweet four year old:

Dancing at his first Spurs game with Daddy

I love where Mia is sitting here, there's not much room for her in the car anymore!

On the way to swim lessons, goofball!!

Before his Fiesta Parade at school
A friend and I were just saying the other day how it feels like we have had our oldest forever.  It really does feel like longer than four years ago that this guy changed our lives forever.  We are so happy that he is ours and love watching him change and grow daily.  So thankful for our Brayden and his four years of life with us!

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