Thursday, April 23, 2015

Chandler is six months old!

Chandler, our baby is six months old!  Half a year!  Time please slow down!  I've said it a million times and I'll say it again, if I could bottle this girl up exactly the way she is and keep her just like this forever, I would!  This baby is so.stinkin.sweet...She is seriously the sweetest and happiest baby and sometimes it just makes my cheeks hurt being around her because her little smiles just make you want to smile at her even more!  Here is what my girl is up to at 6 months old:

*Chandler is just a happy, easygoing baby.  She very rarely cries and only cries usually if she is hungry or tired.  She also whines a bit when she is bored with her surroundings.  If she does cry, she is super easy to console and usually just picking her up does the trick!
*So last time I blogged I mentioned trying to get her out of the swaddle.  I tried one arm out, both legs out, any number of combinations and they all pretty much bombed.  So just a couple days into the month I decided we were going cold turkey and by the end of the day she was sleeping soundly on her stomach and the rest is history!  I swear we just don't give these kids enough credit, she made the transition so much easier than I would of thought!

Swaddle Fail!

*She found a thumb to suck on just a few days ago.  Now she sucks while she sleeps and I am such a sucker for a baby thumb sucker, so so cute!

*So with the unswaddling, the stomach sleeping, and the thumb sucking comes some pretty darn good sleep!!  I nurse Chandler at about 7:30 for the last time of the day, have her in bed usually at about 8:00 and she has been waking up just once sometime between 4-6:00 am to nurse and then not again till about 8-8:30 am.  I am thrilled with all of this consecutive sleep and I hope it continues!

*I have started giving her a little bit of solids, giving her mashed potatoes on Easter was the first and since then she has had sweet potatoes, bananas, squash and zuchinni.  It's amazing how fast she learned how to eat, much faster than the others who I started feeding solids much sooner.
*Girlfriend found and loves to play with her feet

*She stopped taking bottles!!!  We had gone out of town a couple times since she was born and she had been taking bottles just fine.  Then Brian tried to give her one and GaGa tried to give her one and just like that she wanted nothing to do with it! Since then we have been trying different bottles, nipples, and approaches and she is doing a little bit better taking about two ounces from a bottle, enough to at least get the edge off and we are happy with the progress.
*We finally got out the big baby gear and Chandler is loving it!  We were in the process of selling/showing our home and had not gotten out the bouncer, walker etc yet because they just take up so much space.  Well we sold our home this month so we were so excited to get out some new toys for Chandler.  She is loving the change of scenery and especially the bouncer.  It didn't take her long to get it figured out and now she just goes to town in there, so adorable!

Seriously?!  SO cute!!!
*Chandler is also more into toys, has a great little grip, and of course most toys go straight to her mouth.  She spends a lot of time rolling around on the floor playing, and of course watching the craziness around her, and there is ALOT going on around here!!!

LOL love this picture!  Check out Brayden on the phone in the background!

*She started getting up on those hands and knees and rocking a little bit, which sometimes results in crying when she plops back down on her backside.  We are practicing sitting independently but are not there yet.

*Chandler came with me to a friend's wedding shower and got to play with my best friends babes, so fun watching them together!

 And a few more faves of mine from the month:

This mirror kept Chandler occupied for quite a while, thanks Mamer Barron!

Just in love with this precious, SWEET, lovable baby!

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