Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

What an eventful and fun Easter we had this year!  I have to say it gets more and more fun every year sharing with the kids the true meaning and joy of Easter especially now that Brayden is old enough to understand.  Here are some pictures from our Easter fun this year:

Brayden's first Easter celebration was his school egg hunt.  I was pleasantly surprised with how much and well he shared his treats with Sterling when he came home.  
We went to a fun Easter party with friends

It was so funny watching the kids looking for eggs, walking right over and by eggs directly in front of their faces!  I am sure they will get more aggressive as they get older!


I think both kids are still a little young for these, maybe next year?!

Sterlings first attempt with a piñata 

Brayden does not kid around with pinatas!  This kid means business!!

The kids both love "helping" in the kitchen and had a super fun time making and tasting rice crispy nests

We got to go over to Great Mamer and Great PaPas house in Sequin for the afternoon on Saturday and spent some great time with family.  

Mamer and Chandler

Brayden just LOVED spending time with cousin Kyle! He was seriously on cloud 9!

Brian took the kids for their traditional flower picking for their Easter bunny nests

And of course the Easter Bunny came!

Even after all their treats these kids still had room for bunny pancakes!

After church (where our sugared up children were surprisingly well behaved!) we went over to GaGa and PaPas house for the afternoon.  We let Brayden skip his nap and he spent most of his time with Papa and Daddy playing basketball.  I don't know where this kid gets all of his energy!  He also went for a swim in the freezing cold hot tub and the temperature didn't seem to bother him at all.  Sterling preferred to sit on the side with her feet in just a bit.

 One more last egg hunt!

Happy Easter!
We are so blessed, He Is Risen!!!

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