Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March 2015

We started out March celebrating our sweet Tootie turning two and enjoyed some beautiful Spring weather the rest of the month.

My girls

Since we have started building our new home right next door, there has been endless entertainment right outside Brayden's window!  Both kids love watching the new construction each day and early this month we poured the foundation.  

Dads view from below!

Finished foundation!  They love to run around out here!
I had been wanting to take the kids over to Eisenhower park for a walk/hike and to see the pretty views at the top.  We finally got to go for the first time and Ms. Sarah and baby Faith came along!  The "tower" at the top did not disappoint and mama definitely got a good workout pushing all three of the kiddos up some good hills

We had some fun at the playground after our walk and all Brayden wanted to do was climb and jump out of trees!

Sweetest sleeper after a feeding


Sterling had her very first swim lesson!!!!  She was so excited until it actually began and then she  cried most of the time trying to climb out of the pool and run back to Brian and I.  The second lesson was just a tiny bit better and by her third lesson she was an old pro and is doing great.  She loves her coach, Coach Seth and is getting very comfortable in the water, blowing bubbles, kicking her legs, and doing the Choo-choo along the side of the pool.

Brayden is back at it as well and just gets better and better each lesson, we are so proud!
Brian took Brayden for his first time to Top Golf, he loved it!  Brian said that Brayden could stay there all day just hitting ball after ball.  Such a fun thing for the two of them to share together!

Since we have put our current home on the market, we have been kicked out of our house during nap time for showings.  Lucky for us we can always head over to GaGa and PaPas house for naps and of course to play.  The kids always want to play in the pool (hot tub!) and I swear the cold water does not bother Brayden one bit where Sterling would prefer to just sit on the side and kick!

Homemade limbo!

We started the Spring soccer season, and these pics say it all!  Brayden picked up right where he left off last season and is thoroughly enjoying himself.  He is doing so great and gets at least a couple of goals each game.  This season we are playing with some of Brayden's friends from school which makes it even more enjoyable for Brayden.

Loving the hair!

Post goal happiness!
Brian took Brayden to his very first Spurs game!  They both had such a great time and someone even handed them some floor seat tickets mid way through the game so they got to enjoy the game even more!  Brayden entertained the people around them by preforming some of his dance moves, enjoyed some incredibly messy green cotton candy, and the bonus was that Tim Duncan walked by and handed Brayden his very own little Spurs basketball, how exciting!

Another busy month next month when our big guy turns 4!

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