Thursday, March 19, 2015

Chandler Rose at 5 months

To say we are smitten with this girl would be an understatement!  We are just completely in love with this precious baby!  Here is what Chandler is doing at five months old:

*SMILES!  And tongues out!  All you need to do to get this happy girl to smile is smile at or talk to her.  Her face just lights up and she talks and smiles at you!
*She is pretty easy going and just kind of lays around and moves from room to room with us as we go,  if she gets bored she lets us know and we'll just move her or entertain her for a bit
*She likes watching the kids and Mia.  Brayden especially likes making her talk and laugh and he is pretty good at it too

**SLEEP!  Much.better.sleep!!! Just about a week after Chandler turned four months we finally decided to move her to her own bedroom.  Previously I would just go ahead and feed her anytime she started to make noise in our room so that she didn't wake Brian up too much. Her schedule is still pretty predictable taking a little catnap in the morning around 10, a good 1 1/2-2 hour nap around 12:30, and another 45 minute/hour nap around 4.  Just within the past week or so we have stopped putting her down for her last nap of the day because she was having a lot of trouble settling down for it and we are feeding/putting her down for the night about an hour earlier.  I let her cry for just one night this month and thats all it took to break her of the 12:30 am waking, then for a couple of weeks she was waking around 2:00 for her middle of the night feeding and just for about the past week she has not been waking until sometime between 3-6:00 am and then not again until I wake her at 8:00 am for her first "official" feeding of the day.  Yes, we are only waking up once a night, life changing people!!! 
*She has started waking up happy from naps and in the morning, just the easiest sweetest disposition
*She is just the best little nurser!  I think my best experience with breastfeeding all three kids.  We are still exclusively breastfeeding and haven't started any solids yet
*Chandler very rarely cries and if she does start to cry she is super easy to console, all she needs is to be held and she is happy :)
*She rolls over both ways very easily so I am trying to break her of her swaddle and it has not been easy!  I have tried one arm out, both arms out, and all out and none had been successful up until about the past week.  I have been swaddling her for naps with her left arm out and she is sleeping much better.  In another week or so I will try again with both arms out.  Here are some pics of our little beauty from this month:

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