Monday, March 9, 2015

Sterling's Second Birthday

Sterling thoroughly understood, looked forward to, and enjoyed her birthday this year.  It made it so much more fun to celebrate her because she was just so excited!  We had a small dinner with family and a few friends and of course cake on her birthday.  

She asked to sit next to Cooper!

I love the look of admiration on Brayden's face looking at Colten

Sweet Chandler got lots of snuggles!

Birthday girl on her throne, our kids always have the best time playing with the Oquin boys, bless their hearts!

Girlfriend tore through her presents this year!  She was super excited about her chair and her goggles for swim lessons

Lucky girl got two birthday cakes!!

Mommy's favorite  cake from Whole Foods, Berry Chantily, so so delicious!

And of course we can't have a Barron birthday without having a cookie cake!

My kids LOVE their sweets!!!
The Friday after her birthday, we had our playgroup friends over for a little Minnie Mouse party.  It was so cute watching the babies of the group becoming big kids and playing together.

Sterling with some of her darling two year old friends

Brayden had so much fun, it may as well of been his birthday!

Seriously, another cake!!!

What a wonderful week we had celebrating our big girl!

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