Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Happy Second Birthday our Sweet Sterling Grace

Today we are so happy to celebrate our dear Sterling's Second Birthday!  Oh, how we just adore this girl and her growing personality!  So hard to believe it has been two years since this:

And only a year ago she was still just a babe!

Here is what our tootie girl is like at two years old:

*She has a mind of her own!  She knows what she wants but, can't always express herself which often leads to lots of tears, an occasional pass out, and frequent tantrums including laying on the ground in parking lots or stores...I have said before I am so glad she is my second child because I am a lot more relaxed about her fits and we often find it comical rather than  getting flustered about it!  She is definitely a two year old!!!
*She loves her siblings!  She loves Chandler (Na,Na) but her best friend in the whole world is Brayden (Baben).  She asks for him first thing in the morning when she is getting out of her crib and first thing when she wakes up from her nap.  She loves to play with him, copy him (good and bad :/) kiss and hug him.  All in all she just adores him!  Their relationship is SO sweet and makes my heart full.  

*She is so silly and funny!  She loves to dance, sing, turn circles and somersaults, tickle and play.  She likes to sing her version of the ABC's, Twinkle, Twinkle, and Happy Birthday.

*Her favorite words right now are"MINE", "I DO", "EAT" and "get you" (usually said while crying)
*She has always had a pretty happy demeanor and has been pretty easy going until just the past month or so.. we know she is in the process of getting her two year old molars and know they can be pretty painful so we are hoping her being a bit difficult is just a little phase...:)
*Sterling likes to color, read lots of books, push her babies around, play and race and go "fast" on riding toys, do puzzles, and play outside
*We have been talking about her birthday for about the last week or so and she keeps talking about cake, balloons, and she will put her hand up to her mouth and pretend to blow out a candle which is hilarious and so cute!  She has also been singing happy birthday a lot and naming the people who are coming to her birthday and when she names us she comes and pats our arm at the same time.  

She still looks like such a baby when she sleeps.  She loves her crib and shows no interest in moving to a big girl bed.  She is OBSESSED with "baby" the dingy little doll that she has been sleeping with since last Christmas and the minute she picks up baby her fingers automatically go in her mouth.  We used to keep baby only in her crib but it has been making it downstairs more and more lately.  A lot of the time she will cry for baby and Brayden will climb into her crib and get it out for her!  

Happy Birthday to you Sterling Grace!  We LOVE you SO much!!!!!!

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