Monday, April 20, 2015

Brayden's fourth birthday

We literally celebrated Brayden and his fourth birthday all. week. long!!!  This guy had more birthday  celebrations than I have ever seen!  
On Tuesday we brought cupcakes and celebrated with his class at school.  

I think Sterling enjoyed her cupcake?!

On Wednesday we went for a mid week frozen yogurt at orange leaf with GaGa and PaPa

 On Friday, the day before his birthday we had his little birthday party at Thin Air a trampoline park that Brayden just loves.  He and Sterling both had the best time running and bouncing around with friends.

So glad Grandpa was able to come and watch Chandler so we could play with Brayden and Sterling!

Just hanging in her carseat before her morning snooze

Sterling loves Hugh!


"Move over kids let me show you how its done!"
Even the moms jumped in on the fun!

Ninja Turtles cake as requested

Cloud 9!  Sitting between two of his most favorite friends Dylan and Witten

Happy Birthday to You!!!

Brayden has been talking about his birthday party for months and  changed his mind every week where he wanted his party and what kind of party, cake, etc. he wanted to have.  After already booking and paying for his party at Thin Air Trampoline park where he was passionate about having his party he changed his mind saying he really wanted his party at Chuckee Cheese (conveniently after going to one of his favorite friends birthday parties there).  After talking about it he agreed that we could go to Chuckee Cheese on his birthday before his soccer game so that is what we did.  Grandma and Grandpa came in town from Dallas and we spent the morning playing games and eating pizza before his soccer game on his birthday.  

So competitive!  Look at that face!

We were so happy to have Grandma and Grandpa in town.  It was also so helpful to have a couple extra sets of hands around so Brian and I could focus on the birthday boy.  Brayden's game got postponed one hour so we left the girls at home with Grandma and Grandpa and took Brayden to his game.

Sterling had fun too and didn't even need any coins to play the games!
Bonus was Daddy was coach of the week so he got to coach Brayden's team on his bday.  We also brought snacks this week and of course had to bring cupcakes for his teammates!
Brayden and Daddy spent the afternoon at another friends birthday party and then met the girls and I, Grandma and Grandpa, and GaGa and PaPa at Brayden's favorite restaurant Bigz for dinner.  We ended our incredibly busy birthday weekend with cake and family at our house for one last celebration of our guy.

Loved celebrating our sweet Brayden and the big 4!  A huge THANK you to all of our family and friends and everyone who helped make Brayden feel special and loved on his special day!

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