Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Chandler Rose is 10 months old!

Our sweet baby is 10 months old and BUSY!  She go, go, goes all day and is in to everything!  

*Her favorite place to play is in the playroom, I think she likes the carpet and there is plenty to see and put in her mouth!  She has been spending more and more time in there "playing with" Brayden and Sterling.

*For some reason, she just loves climbing up into the fireplace.  And its like she knows she's being naughty because she will turn around and look for us with a little sneaky smile on her face!

*Still standing holding on to furniture, doing a tiny bit of cruising

*She doesn't fall asleep in my arms often but when she does...sigh!  Lately I have been holding her after her last feeding at night and letting her suck her thumb and sometimes I get lucky and she falls asleep.  She is still very much a baby :)

*She started standing up in her crib too!  So proud of herself!

*Loves just about any food we give her, and really loves her buddy Mia who is her best friend anytime she is eating!  

Chandler is SUCH a sweet natured, happy baby.  She continues stop sleep well and is still nursing four times a day...

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