Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August 2015

Wrapping up summer and starting school this month!  Here is what we were up to the busy month of August:
We spent the first weekend of August down in Port Aransas with family.  We spent a lot of time swimming, and fishing!

Poor third child, just trying to catch a nap!

Boat ride to Aransas Pass for dinner with GaGa PaPa, Uncle Keith and Ms. Jen.  Brian , Chandler, and I took the car and met them there..

The kids love helping clean the boat after a long weekend!  I was surprised when Brian told me they were actually a big help!
 We went to Fishcer park in New Braunfels with friends for the first time and it was definitely worth the drive.  The splash pad was great and Brayden loved the new playground!

We spent several mornings at the zoo this summer and the kids have really enjoyed the water and kids areas this year.

Brian took Brayden to meet some friends at the Astros game in Houston.  Brayden was so excited for the game, but equally excited to stay in a hotel by himself with Daddy!

Sweet boy fell asleep on the way there!

These two just picked right up where they left off earlier this summer

Brian and Brayden, Waylen and Wyatt

Just enjoying our hot dogs!

Brian said these two were WILD, running around having a good  old time!

Love that these two share so many of the same interests!

And..hotel slippers!

BIG day this month!  The two "bigs" started at their new school.  We are making the drive to Boerne three days a week for school and we are all loving it!   Both kids were super excited about their first day!   Their teachers are incredibly sweet and they both had a great day :)

Brayden's first day of Pre-K
Teachers:  Ms. Phyllis and Ms. Lara

Sterling's first day of 2 year old MDO
Teachers:  Ms. Dawn and Ms. Kerrie

Tried to get a pic of all three but Chandler is on the move and has no interest in posing for pictures

The first couple weeks of school Sterling napped once which resulted in one incredibly tired and cranky girl, bless her heart!  

Those that know our family well know that we frequent our local Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt pretty often, usually a weekly basis!  Well ever since we started going when Brayden was just a baby we have gotten to know the girls that work there with one favorite, Erica.  The kids just love her and she always gives them extra special treatment, (extra candy, cups of water etc) Well the kids first day of school just so happened to be Ericas last day working at Orange Leaf because she is going away to college :( so we went in to wish her well and have a little treat :)

Good Luck Erica!

Brayden always gets goofy and crazy at orange leaf!

Sterling Grace is doing terrific with her swimming lessons with Coach James now and is improving every week.  Her class is the cutest swim class that ever existed, it is Sterling and a group of two year old triplet girls as well...so precious!

What a relief she is smiling and not crying!!!!

Since the big kids are in school Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I decided to try and do something fun with them on Friday mornings.  The first week of school we tried out the newest indoor trampoline park in San Antonio.  All three kids really enjoyed it, this was Chandlers first time to get to participate!

We live pretty close to Six Flags Fiesta Texas and for a long time now every time we have driven by, Brayden has talked about going.  Well finally at the end of this month, I got to take my buddy for Fiesta Texas for the first time and we had A BLAST!  Seriously, it was so much fun!  We had been to the doctor recently and when they measured him, he was 41.5 inches tall.  Well at Fiesta Texas to ride most of the rides (except the tiny baby rides) you have to be 42 inches so I was really worried we were going to get turned down and not be able to ride any fun rides.  Luckily we were good to go and we got to ride some really fun roller coasters!  Brayden was really brave and honestly I think he just didn't know any better!  He rode any ride I wanted to try but didn't ask to ride any of the coasters a second time.  We also spent a couple hours at the water park and he absolutely loved that too.  It is very rare that I get to go anywhere with Brayden by myself so this was such a treat for both of us.  The icing on the cake was that little hand holding on to mine all day walking around fiesta texas..so special!
He loved standing on this bridge getting splashed!

Bumper cars!

And a few more of my faves from this month:

I love this picture...this is what many of my summer nights looked like.  Love Brayden and Brian playing catch out in the yard 

Brayden and Sterling just love the Oquin boys.  They are so smart, they give my kids the extra remotes and then let them think they are driving their big remote control trucks and my kids think it is awesome!!!

This summer has been amazing but we are ready for Fall and hopefully some cooler weather soon....

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