Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Dove Season Opening Day 2015: Brayden's first hunting trip

For some reason, lately, Brayden has shown a lot of interest in hunting and has been asking a lot of questions.  So Brian decided this would be a good year to take Brayden hunting for his very first time.  They both had a great time going to Academy and picking out his hunting clothes before hand and Brayden was so excited to go.  Brian said he had so much fun and was running around with a stick pretending to shoot and getting all kinds of dirty!  The shooting and killing of the doves didn't appear to bother him and he even liked helping take the feathers and head off (yuck...)
Here are some pics of our big boy on his first dove hunt:

Officially obsessed with this picture...

What a fun tradition started with Daddy and PaPa

PaPa and Mr Johnny

I think saying they all enjoyed themselves would be an understatement....
Brayden is definitely looking forward to his next hunting trip :

Brayden was exhausted and fell asleep shortly after getting in the car to come home.  He wanted to get right in bed when he got home but had to get a shower because of all the dirt and bird blood on him!

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