Sunday, October 18, 2015

Chandler's First Birthday/Smash Cake Photo Shoot

We did the whole smash cake photo shoot with Brayden and Sterling so naturally we had to let Chandler dig in too!  She really hadn't had many sweets before this first taste of cake so she was incredibly serious about her cake exploration and tasting!  Our sweet friend and photographer Kim with Modern Bebe did her magic as usual and the pictures turned out perfect!  I am IN LOVE, Hope you enjoy as much as I did!

We got a few great shots pre-cake:

Love this smile, this picture truly shows off her personality!

Cake Time!

Seriously, after her first taste she went straight in with the face!  Hilarious!

Seconds later, face in again!!!

OK now this was pretty hilarious too...Check out these pouts!!!!  This is a picture of their cake dreams literally being crumbled in Chandler's tiny hands!  They were waiting (sort of patiently) for their promised taste of cake too!!!


I have NEVER seen a cake be demolished like this in my life!

And finally a smile!

Did all the damage she could do..and done!
This sweet child gets to eat cake again tomorrow she'll be ONE!!!  (How I feel about that on a whole other blog post!)

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