Monday, March 7, 2016

Celebrating Sterling Grace's 3rd Birthday!

What a fun couple of days we had celebrating Sterling and her third birthday!  It was so much fun this year because this was the first year she understood and could get excited for her birthday.  The day before her birthday was a big day at school where she was sung to at chapel and brought donuts to her class, she was super excited!

She took the whole thing very seriously!

Birthday blessing

Sterling with two of her best boys, Davy and Beau


Her last day being a precious TWO year old :(

Oh my goodness her teachers gave her these SHEEP jammies and she loves them 
Her birthday fell on a Friday this year which was great because we were able to spend the whole day celebrating and doing things she wanted to do.

Special pancake breakfast with SPRINKLES!

I gave Sterling a whole bunch of choices and pretty much told her I'd take here anywhere she wanted to go and much to Brayden's disappointment she chose the zoo.(Brayden REALLY wanted her to pick Chuckee Cheese!) So, we had a great morning at the zoo with Dylan and Blair and did it all, train ride, carousel ride, even popcorn!

She wore this bandaid on her head all day long....
We had pizza and birthday cake on the patio and opened presents that night and it couldn't have been more fun!  Sterling was so excited to have a scooter just like Brayden!

Make a wish!
On Saturday we had her birthday party at one of her favorite places Dog and Pony Grill.  She was SO excited and had fun playing with all of her little friends.  I was amazed at how many of her sweet classmates that came, all but two friends were there!  Here are some pics of her party:

Brayden and Hunt

Chandler with Baby Faith

Everyone line up for the piñata!

My kids LOVE a good piñata!
Look at that connection!

Hunt and Charlotte, Lauren and Demi

Oh how Sterling loves Beau!

Sweet School friends!

Pretty girls
We  came home and opened presents that afternoon, what sweet and generous friends and family she has!

GaGa and PaPa bought Sterling some roller skates for her birthday.  We were crying laughing watching these two try and roller skate for the first time!

She requested purple cupcakes
Thanks to all of our family and friends that helped make our special girls day extra special!
We LOVE YOU our big THREE year old!!!

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