Friday, March 4, 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday Sterling Grace

Today we celebrate the birthday of our big three year old, our sweet Sterling Grace!  We feel so so lucky God chose us to be this hilarious, spunky, dramatic, precious girls parents!  Here is what our Sterling girl is like at three years old:

*She is sweet and so loving, often telling us "I love you mom (or dad or Brayden) and she gives THE BEST tight hugs.  She loves to snuggle and still loves to be held and gosh do we love that about her.
*She has so much energy and really keeps up with Brayden until finally her little legs get tired and she says "I can't keep up, carry me" She is such a tiny little thing still she is easy to carry!
*She has always been a great eater but just recently has been giving us a hard time at dinner and is taking forever to eat!!!  She has truly been testing my patience in this department and oftentimes she is still sitting at the table after almost an hour and everyone else has moved one!
*She loves to:  play outside, swing, jump on the trampoline, ride her "big girl bike" go for wagon rides and walks, play with dump trucks with Brayden, dig in the dirt and mulch, play pretend, read books, play baby puppies (or whatever baby animal of the day it is) make and hide in forts, watch little einsteins, do anything Brayden wants to do, dress up in dress up clothes,

"Can you please push me Mommy?!"  I must hear those words a hundred times a day, Girl loves to swing!

*She can and does make a friend anywhere she goes but Brayden is definitely her favorite friend of all
*She LOVES school, loves her teachers Ms. Dawn and Ms.Kerrie and her friends in class
*Sterling, bless her...She can still throw a mean tantrum.  Really I haven't seen many that can throw a tantrum like this girl.  She still occasionally passes out if we don't get to her soon enough and remind her to breathe or blow in her face when she starts really crying hard.  I am  hoping we are kind of over the hump with this phase ;)
*I am probably being biased but she is smart!  Sterling has such a good memory and just knows so much.  She shows a lot of enthusiasm when learning new things and loves to try.  She picked up her letters and sounds with such ease and is so proud of herself when we practice.  She loves to work in her "workbook" and you can really see a look of determination on her face when she works.
*She is pretty fearless and will try just about anything physical that Brayden tells her to do!

*Sterling has a mind of her own, she does not let Brayden change or influence her choices and knows exactly what she wants.  This is beginning to show in the mornings when she wants to pick her clothes and how her hair is done for the day, oh I am in for it!!!  
*I have had to remind myself over the past couple of months that Sterling is still just a two year old.  She has always just seemed so much older than she is but deep down she is still such a sweet LITTLE  girl!  She is still attached to baby and we currently have three:  "real baby" "car baby" and "school baby" because heaven forbid we ever actually loose real baby at least we have backup!  The other day I washed real baby in the washing machine because she was just nasty and when I gave her back Sterling told me "but she doesn't smell real!" just yesterday she came up to me and told me "baby smells real again" thank goodness!

Sterling is not napping at school so usually by Thursday afternoon she is BEAT and often gives in on the drive home

*I guess you could call Sterling a bit of a tomboy...Looking at her at the end of the day it is laughable what a mess she is!  She plays hard and definitely earns her bath each day and doesn't seem to care one bit!

I have NEVER seen someone who can eat a cupcake quite like Sterling!
Before that pretty red frosting ended up all over her face!

We are so proud of our sweet birthday girl!
Happy Third Birthday Sterling!

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