Friday, April 29, 2016

Chandler Rose is 18 months

Just one day after Brayden turned five, Chandler is 18 months.  Only six months till our baby is TWO!  Oh this sweet girl y'all!  She truly is the best baby!  Here is what Chandler Rose is up to at 18 months old:

*She is a pretty chill baby, she really loves to be held and carried around and will proceed to just suck her little thumb
*She has really taken to a lovey and sleeps with it every nap and every nap.  She is kind of like Sterling with "baby" and as soon as she picks that lovey up her thumb goes straight to her mouth although she doesn't need "baby" to suck!
*Chandler is still such a good baby, she is a great eater, a great sleeper, and very go with the flow.  I have to wake her from her nap on school days so we can go pick up the big kids and she is just so resilient!

*Within the past couple of months she has really started to enjoy books and listening to stories and will bring me one after another to read to her
*She has started showing interest in the TV and just kind of vegges out on the chair but her favorite spot to sit is right between Brayden and Sterling!
*Chandler is also starting to become quite mischievous!  She is always climbing on countertops, beds, chairs, the tops of chairs (Scary) and likes to open doors (even to the outside!)

On the kitchen counter!

She thinks the play kitchen is a chair, seriously!

She likes taking everything out of a container or drawer and then putting it all back where it goes

*When she knows what she wants and you don't let her do/have it she gets MAD!  She will run from you, turn around and see you coming and just laugh and laugh and then run faster!
*She is starting to understand the word NO and doesn't like it one bit!  She purses her lips and crinkles up her little eyes and it is hilarious!
*Chandler will go to just about anyone without hesitation.  She does great and loves going to the kids club at the gym, getting dropped off at bible study, we dropped her in the church nursery for the first time this weekend and she did great, and she really loves the kids teachers at school and always wants Sterlings sweet teachers to hold her.  Just this morning she walked over to a woman we did not know at the jumpy place and just plopped down in her lap!
*She LOVES Brayden and Sterling and just follows them around the house, she really thinks she is just one of the gang!
*Chandler loves Mia and all animals and makes this very distinct sound when she sees a dog or another animal it is so funny

Look at poor Mia's face, she is so patient!

Just shrieking looking at the fish and turtles!

LOVES her Daddy and just reaches her little arms up for him to hold her!

Peek a boo!

Okay so this is funny, anytime Sterling puts dress up clothes on Chandler cries until I put some on too and then she'll just walk around the house smiling so proud of herself!

She totally got and loved the fact that there were treats in the eggs this Easter!

 This girl sure does make our hearts and family full!  So thankful we get to call her ours!

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