Sunday, May 1, 2016

April 2016

April is gone and we are already a week into May!  Only three more weeks of school until SUMMER!  I am super excited to have the kids to myself and even more excited to have ZERO schedule for the next couple of months.  April ended our little family birthday streak and we were busy!  Here is what we have been up to:

Waiting for daddy to come home, what an awesome sight to come home to!
Brayden started Spring ball, he is playing CYO this year through our church and is having so much fun!

Cutest little cheerleaders!

Chandler just started getting into dress up clothes, she will bring me a dress and grunt until I put it on!
We spent a fun and relaxing weekend down in Port A with PaPa and GaGa

Braydens big catch he completely caught on his own!

First time for Chandler to wear floaties and it was so nice to not have to worry so much about her around the pool, she didn't mind them a bit

Sterling made ALOT of progress on her swimming this weekend, Dad worked with her a lot and we were super proud!

My lovie!

GaGa does the best french braids!

Sterling fell asleep so fast on the way home

No room for you mom, sorry!

Matching jammies, babies, and finger suckers!

Got to meet Tave and Hollis in San Marcos for a quick and crazy breakfast.  

Never a dull moment with these three running around causing havoc!

Still such a baby :)

Sterlings class led the Lords Prayer during chapel and her teachers sent this picture, SO incredibly sweet!

And to end the month we celebrated MY 34th birthday!  Man, these kids sure do love birthdays and make them so much fun!

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