Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Brayden's Preschool Graduation

I didn't think it would happen but man there is something about seeing your child in a little gown and graduating that brings a tear to your eye!  He is just such a big boy now, and such a good boy, a precious gift we are so lucky to call ours.  I can't even begin to imagine what it feels like to have a child graduate from high school, good grief!!!
Brayden's graduation ceremony was the closing to a terrific school year and an end to his life in preschool!  It was an adorable little show in which the whole school was involved and Sterling's class participated in the whole thing as well.  It was just the sweetest, and I'll tell you our two REALLY got into the singing and dancing.  I don't know where they get those moves!  Here are some pictures of the morning:

Hopeful Chandler will get to call Ms Dawn and Ms Kerrie her teachers in just one short year!

Got his diploma!  He was pretty proud of himself up there!

Chandler spent time in GaGas, mommies, and Ms. Dawns laps and then later she just decided to get up and be part of the show!  Just didn't know where she belonged!

Brayden with his whole preschool class, the ones with the white sashes are the kiddos that are staying for Kindergarten

Love the cheesy faces on these ones, love that he does school with  kids of my friends, so special!

Litte Performer!

Chandler joins the show!

Brayden and Sterling are really getting into it!

Thank you Ms Phyllis and Ms Lara for a great year, we love you!

GaGa and PaPa wouldn't have missed it!

So proud of our little graduate!
Now looking forward to a fun filled summer and lots of time with these precious babes!

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