Monday, May 30, 2016

Summertime=Coast Time

The day of Brayden's pre school graduation we packed up and headed down to Port A to celebrate SUMMER!  The kids were SUPER pumped and we have named Luke Bryans "Huntin, Fishin, Lovin Every Day" as our official "coast song" of the summer.  It is hilarious and adorable listening to them belting this one from the back seat.  We spent the weekend swimming and fishing and the kids loved going over to Saint Joes island where we have our own private beach to play.  The big kids loved jumping off the boat into the waves over and over again and kept shrieking with joy "I'm having so much fun!".... music to this mommy's ears!  The past couple of times we have let Brayden and Sterling sleep in the same room Sterling has made it difficult for Brayden to get any sleep. SO this summer at the coast Brian and I took turns sleeping with Brayden and Sterling which made for lots of great extra cuddles and lots of fun "slumber parties" with Mommy and Daddy!  Here are some pics of  the weekend:

Brayden and PaPa's happy place!

Brayden got really good at casting this summer!

GaGa's Ipad is always a hit when we're down here, she has way more fun games than we do!

Chandler's first boat ride!  She was a little terrified and held on for dear life!

Looking forward to making many more memories this summer!

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