Wednesday, June 1, 2016

School's out for the Summer!!!

What a terrific school year we had!  It was Sterling's first year of preschool and Brayden's last year of preschool!  This was our first year at a new school and we could not have been happier with our experience.  Here are some pics of their last day, the day before Brayden's preschool graduation:

Kindergarten here I come!!!

Brayden getting to be an accolade on this last day of chapel was extra special!

He takes it very seriously!
Oh how we will miss this class and special teachers!

Sterling really understood and was seriously very sad about not being in Ms Dawn and Ms Kerries class anymore.  She kept saying at the graduation, "can we go back to my classroom now?!"  poor girl :(

These ladies were the PERFECT teachers for our Sterling and her first year of school

Brayden adored these very special ladies and learned so much from their class this year!
We had such an incredible year, will miss our teachers and classmates but are also super excited for summer!  We don't have too many plans, just looking forward to spending more time together and not being on such a schedule for a couple of months.

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