Monday, June 6, 2016

Second Annual Friends Fathers Day Weekend/Port Aransas

Last year we went "camping", this year we decided to spend a weekend at the coast with the Baynhams and the Papes.  Our family had literally just gotten home from Port A days before but we didn't have any complaints packing up and heading back down for a fun weekend with friends!  The kids had a blast getting to spend the weekend together and Brayden LOVED sleeping in the same room as Harlow and Wyatt.  Sterling surprisingly was not upset she did not get to sleep with them and seemed pretty content getting to sleep with Mommy and Daddy for the weekend.

We spent the majority of our weekend at the pool including meals, it was just easier that way and the kids were happy :)

Pizza Night!

Brayden and Wyatt played ALOT of baseball this weekend!

Brayden lost his FIRST tooth!!!!  All of a sudden Saturday morning we looked at him and realized he had a tooth missing and no idea where it was!  We searched his bed and the floor in his bedroom and all of a sudden he says "wait" and runs in the kitchen and looks under the chair he was eating breakfast in.  He found the tooth there on the floor!!! Apparently when he was eating he bit into something hard and just took it out of his mouth and threw it on the FLOOR!  Brian and I both said how glad we were that Mia was not with us this weekend or she probably would have eaten it!  We couldn't believe how painless and drama free his first tooth was!  He was super excited for the tooth fairy to come and he really hoped she would bring him a peppermint patty which of course she did along with a dollar bill.  Can't believe my boy is old enough to start loosing teeth!

New smile!  That tooth had to come out because his new grown up tooth was just growing right in its spot!

The tooth fairy came!  And this boy has the best bed head in the morning!!!
We spent one cloudy morning down at the beach, the kids loved it of course!

Brayden would boogie board ALL day, he loves it!

Popsicles for the win!

SUCH a great weekend with terrific friends making special memories!  Our kids were exhausted!

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