Friday, August 26, 2016

Back to School 2016/Brayden's in Kindergarten

Well our summer has officially come to an end and these two have been super pumped about getting back to school!  We are at the same school that we went to last year and both kids have lots of friends they were excited to see.  Brayden is starting real school KINDERGARTEN this year!!!! Luckily we are in this little gem called four day kinder so I didn't feel too much anxiety about sending my baby, my first born off to the big school for five days a week just yet!  The kids did the little summer program at their school this summer in hopes that they would get to know their teachers a little and spend some time with school friends over the summer.  That worked out well for Brayden and he was able to form a relationship with his teachers before school started and seems to really like Ms. Bobbye and Ms. Amy.  Sterling did not know her teachers Ms. Kim and Ms. Daneel until we met them at meet the teacher but she loved them immediately and is the kind of kid that will do great regardless!  Sterling had a very hard time understanding why Brayden was starting school on Monday and she was not and spent much of the morning in tears saying "I want to go to school too!"  luckily she had gymnastics in the afternoon so that helped heal the pain a bit!  Brayden did awesome on his first day, I could tell he felt super proud like he was really a BIG kid now!  Sterling started on Tuesday and did equally well at drop off, she was so excited to see her friends and teachers and when it was time to go headed off without looking back.  I know I say it all the time but Sterling was just made for school!  I feel such relief that the kids are so comfortable at our little school and I am so confident that they are being well loved and cared for while they are there each day. We are all looking forward to a terrific year!  Here are some pics of their first days of school:

Big kindergartener in clothes of his choice, under armor of course and  a football shirt because he is starting flag football next week!

God, I LOVE this precious child!

Pic courtesy of Sterling Grace!

One of Brayden's faves, Shane!

See the tears?!  She had to get her picture taken too!

More of Brayden's favorites, Cash and Cooper with Ms. Bobbye

We stopped and had a quick sweet treat to celebrate Brayden's first day before we had to head over to gymnastics.  I love this picture, can you tell Sterling really adores her ice-cream cone?!

Seriously LOVE them being at the same school together, what a gift!

And my big three year old all ready for her first day!  She was excited to pick out a purple dress because duh, "purple is my favorite color"!
By Wednesday Brayden was melting down pretty good, Sterling surprisingly held up pretty well through the week.  The summer days of sleeping in and daily three hour naps are long gone and we are probably going to take a couple weeks to recover and get used to this new hectic schedule.  In the meantime, everyone's new bedtime is 6:30 and they are all seriously asleep within five minutes!  Looking forward to a great school year (and some pumpkin spice in my life, FALL is coming!!)

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