Friday, February 24, 2012

Brayden is 10 months old!

OMgoodness our sweet baby is just a couple of months away from a year old!!! I absolutely love this age and we have had so much fun with Brayden this month.  I took tons of pics this month, I guess because he is just doing so much more now.  I'll let the pictures tell the story of what adventures Brayden has been up to this month:

He found the Tupperware cabinet!

He has mastered opening and crawling into cabinets, but has not yet figured out how to get out gracefully!  This morning he busted his lip coming out face first, poor baby!!!

Mia's water bowl is a constant form of entertainment

One word...DISGUSTING!!!
He absolutely adores this pup...she tolerates him okay :)

Could spend hours playing with the dryer and dishwasher doors!

Enjoys the swing on a pretty day
LOVES playing in the water, can't wait till summer!

Likes going for a wagon ride, he just looks around in amazement.  He is always holding on tight with one hand!

This little table is not a walker but Brayden sure is fast walking that thing around the house, it is so stinkin cute!

He has definitely figured out how to get this thing going, he is a pro at turning corners and backing up.  He loves to chase and be chased in his walker.  Oh, and did you notice the thumb??  The thumb sucking used to be only when he was tired or cranky, well it is becoming more and more often these days!
LOVES his daddy!  Look closely and you can see Brian in his office looking back at Brayden.  Whenever Brian gets home from work Brayden books it smiling all the way to get to him, it is so sweet. 

Checking to see what's for dinner :)

This picture cracks me up!  Notice Brayden's tail??  This just goes to show that this baby WILL NOT sit still for you to get him dressed or to change his diaper.  He would literally crawl around naked all day if we would let him!

This boy has burnt some holes in his pj's!!!  Guess his future brothers are not going to get any 9 month pajamas handed down!!

Man, our living room is starting to look like a day care!
Brayden had a visit from his sweet great-grandparents Mamer and Papa Barron

Love this!
 Here are some other things we don't want to forget that Brayden has done this month:
*Whenever it is bath time, we take his clothes off and put him on the ground in his room.  He loves crawling into the bathroom naked  on his own and seems to really enjoy taking baths!
*He FINALLY seems to enjoy listening to stories read aloud.  Up until now, he has not sat still for more than a page or two which for me has been very frustrating because I want to read to my baby!!!  His absolute favorite book right now ( I think it's his favorite because he laughs and makes happy noises:)) is this book my sister gave us called "Monkey and Me", it is this little paperback flimsy book that they got out of a Cheerios box and he loves it-imagine that!
*He really loves Mia and could be entertained watching her all day long.  He understands which toys are hers and it is so cute because he will pick up one of her toys or her bone and try to hand it to her.  He will also try and hand his toys to her, Mia does not know what to think but has been very good about taking things from him gingerly which surprises me!
*After pulling up on something, Brayden has just started letting go and standing there on his own for just a few seconds before falling to the ground.  He'll be trying to walk before we know it!

I'll leave you with a few more of my favorite pics of this sweet baby from this month:

This is his silly CHEESE face, he is so funny!

Love, loves his daddy :)

Kisses!  He loves licking windows and mirrors

Love this one, such a happy boy!

Pure sweetness, such a lovey monkey!


  1. Love your blog! Love the pics of the toes coming out of the jammies! Gonna add you to my list :)

  2. Thanks Carla! See, I wasn't kidding about the holes!! See ya soon :)

  3. Yay - another blogger!! :) Such sweet pictures of your little man!