Sunday, March 18, 2012

11 months today!

Our little B-man is 11 months old today and is seriously growing up so fast!  He is all over the place and in to EVERYTHING!  Here are some pics of what Brayden has been up to this month, you can tell he is on the move because he will rarely stay still now to take a picture! 

Brayden spends most of his days opening up the cabinets and emptying out ALL of the contents... Therefore, I spend my days picking up tupperware and reorganizing cabinets!!!

Look at the innocent look on this face!

Brayden is really good at crawling in to the cabinets but unfortunately has not quite figured out how to get out gracefully!  Here he is in action:

Brayden is becoming such a great little eater!  After many many hours sitting in the high chair practicing, he has gotten so good at feeding himself finger foods.  Seeing how much progress he has made makes me so proud :)  Some of his favorites these days are:  pineapple, cheese, asparagus, cheerios, crackers, waffles, and mango but really he will eat pretty much anything you put in front of him.  We are still nursing but I am planning on getting him weaned in this next month before his birthday.  I am currently nursing him four times a day so I am going to try and drop a feeding a week for the next four weeks, fingers crossed!!!  I am also very proud of Brayden's progress with the sippy cup.  He has it completely figured out and loves drinking out of it!  So far we are only giving him water from it and rarely a little bit of juice.

Unfortuntately for us, Brayden is so good at picking things up and putting them in his mouth that alot of the time he eats things that he is not supposed to!
Exhibit A:
This is the leaf that Brayden decided to eat with both Brian and I in the room...Resulting in my first ever call to poison control, which I now have programmed in my phone!  This leaf is from a plant that if eaten can be very irritating and can also make the throat swell up.  Luckily Bradyen did not get to chew on it very much or swallow it and he did not have any reaction.  Defintely quite a scare for me and dad though!
Exhibit B:  the beautiful plant that now has a home on our back patio!
Last month I wrote about how Brayden gets excited and crawls right into the bathroom for bath time, well I got some great pictures of him in action:

Happy baby loves to splash like crazy and get his daddy soaking wet during baths!
Since he loves baths so much we figured he would enjoy a baby pool, we were right!  We got one for the backyard this month and Brayden really likes it :)

Gotta love a good baby butt crack shot!!!
Brayden has been loving his original walker (the one with the little seat in it) and it has been great to stick him in while I am cooking dinner etc.  He is moving on though and just within the past couple of days he has figured out how to use this walker:
It goes ALOT faster than the other walker and Brayden is still trying to get it figured out.  He will fall and fall and just keep getting right back up and try again.  His sweet little legs are covered in bruises but most of the falls don't even seem to faze him!  Looks like we are one step closer to taking our first steps!

Here are some more random pics that I love from this month:

LOV E my daddy :)

Love playing outside and seeing what I can find to put in my mouth!!

This picture is so gross but I had to include it because I think it is so stinkin funny!  Disgusting I know but like a pup, Brayden spit up and then decided to stick his face in it and roll around a bit-sweet boy!

IN LOVE with this picture and the fact that I was able to capture this sweet smile.  Brayden smile ALL the time and had got the be the happiest baby :)
Sweet Brayden, you have been such an absolute joy in our lives. Can't wait to celebrate you and your very first birthday next month!


  1. That last picture is precious! He looks so much like you! Squeeze that baby!

  2. Love that last picture! Brayden is such a sweetie :)