Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012

Technically this wasn't Brayden's first Easter but since we weren't really planning on him so early last year, this is his first year to partake in all of the Easter fun!  Brian got to go to Georgia for the masters with his dad and brother so little B and I got on the road and headed up to Dallas.  We stayed with my mom and stepdad for a couple of days and had such a great time!  I have to admit I was a little nervous doing this drive alone with Brayden.  He usually is not a big fan of the car and in the past he has cried and cried on car trips.  Well we had the best trip yet!  He slept most of the way there and back home.  We stopped halfway both times at a chic fila in Temple and Brayden ate chicken nuggets and had a blast playing in their playroom. I am so relieved this trip was such a success and feel a whole lot better about traveling with Brayden now. 

Grandpa took Brayden for a wagon ride!

Who needs toys?!  Not this kiddo!  Being silly with Grandma :)
 While we were there we got to go over to my sisters house and see her and her family.  Brayden had so much fun seeing his sweet and adorable cousins Halley and Carson.

Everyone was excited for Brayden to open his early birthday gift!
Halley wasn't so excited when Brayden decided to put her headband in his mouth!:)
Brayden sure loves pups!  Their dog Bailey is so sweet and let Brayden abuse her!

Brayden and I drove home on Saturday and Brian flew in later on Saturday evening.  We were all so happy to be home together for Easter.  We went to church on Sunday morning, stopped by to see Grandma Barron, and then got to spend the rest of the afternoon with my dad and his side of the family at my Aunt Sarah and Uncle Tom's house. 
Brayden's first Easter basket

Daddy helping open Easter eggs, Brayden was definitely a fan of the yogurt covered raisins!
Sugar high!!!
Grandma Barron

Grandpa Rehkopf

Brayden had fun playing with all of his extended family :)  Here he is with my Aunt Sally, Dad, and cousin Kristen 

Goes with his Aunt Sarah everytime!
 After a long day of traveling the day before and a busy morning on Easter, all three of us were beat and ready to spend some time at home!  It was wonderful to get to see so much family over the past week and we are truly blessed to have such loving and involved families :)

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