Monday, April 23, 2012

We have a 1 year old!!! Brayden's 12 month update

Well the inevitable happened...our sweet baby boy has turned a year old!!!  I never understood it when people would tell me "enjoy this time, it goes by so fast!".  Well I totally get it now and I seriously don't know where this year has gone!!! I think I am speaking for both Brian and I when I say that this has been the most amazing year of our lives.  We never dreamed we could love a little person as much as we love our darling Brayden.  He has brought endless amounts of love and laughter into our lives and we are so thankful for him and his silly smile everyday :)  Here is what little B is up to at 12 months:
*He claps all the time!  It is so cute, he will clap randomly but also claps when others clap.  When we say "yay" Brayden will also clap his little hands
*He continues to be entertained by cabinets, drawers, utensils, and recently has become obsessed with the open refrigerator and dishwasher-both not very conducive for a 1 year old to play in!  The good thing is that we don't have to spend a lot of money on toys because he could spend hours playing with an empty wrapping paper roll!
*A lot of people have asked, and no he is not walking yet!  He likes to walk behind things and will push anything around the house, boxes, chairs,his highchair, any of his toys, pretty much anything that will move he likes to push but no walking on his own yet!
*Here are the words that (we think) Brayden is saying:  Dada (this happens to be his favorite word and he babbles it all day long!)  Mama (usually only says when he is crying or hurt, still melts my heart!) Ball, Dog, and Yes.  He is getting good at mimicking you and when we make a sound or say a word several times, Brayden will say some version of it as well.  He also tries to mimick things that we do, he loves banging his hands on tables and really any surface that makes noise, a future musician on our hands maybe??
*The teacher in me is so proud that this baby loves books!  He gets a story before each nap and usually a couple more throughout the day.  I am so impressed that he sits still through them and that he actually seems to be interested!  He will go over to his book basket and pull books out on his own and flip through them, I love to see this and hope that we are building a lifetime habit here!
*Brayden is SO FUNNY!  He loves to laugh and is seriously always smiling.  It is SO easy to get him to laugh and smile which is so much fun.  He likes funny noises, funny faces, still likes being startled and tickled, he likes it when you play a little rough with him as well.
*He still really loves his baths and splash, splash, splashes, soaking whoever is giving him his bath!
*I thought that giving up nursing was going to be kind of difficult and that Brayden would cry for me and be so attached to his mommy... Not the case at all!  I had it all planned out to nice and gradually drop feedings so it wouldn't be traumatic on baby, ha!  In less than a week we had dropped all but one feeding and I was just holding on to the morning feeding for my sake not his!  He couldn't have cared less, took the bottle so easily, and never asked to nurse again!  It was kind of sad for me at first but now that we are able to give him regular old cows milk feeding him is so much easier.  I swear this baby is just so easygoing (I hope this gives us a clue to what his personality will be like) because he even transitioned from formula to milk seamlessly like he didn't even notice the difference!
*Brayden is still a great little eater and will seriously eat anything we put in front of him.  His favorites seem to be:   bananas, waffles, mango, cheerios, grapes, chicken, and now Cake!  Yes, we gave him cake for his birthday and he definitely has a sweet tooth like his mommy and daddy!  He loved shoving the cake in his mouth, it was hillarious!  Pics to come soon of his cake smashing sessions! 
Here are some pics of Little B from this month up until his first birthday:

I told you! And I think we have a new problem on our hands, he figured out how to open the refrigerator yesterday!

playing with the Barron's
With his Aunt Christi :)

I can't get over how big my little baby looks here.  But seriously though is there anything sweeter than a sleeping baby? :)

terrorizing Mia!
All we are missing here is Daddy!  This chair is where me and Boo have spent countless hours rocking and eating :)

Look at this CHEESE smile!!!  Taking a bath in Grandma and Grandpa Barron's kitchen sink!

LOVES the water!


Okay now we know this baby is definitely his mamas son... He has gotten really good at smiling for pictures and lately he has been doing this awesome eyes closed huge smile that is hilarious!!!  I'll leave you with a couple of my favorites of him and his funny pose :)

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