Monday, April 30, 2012

Braydens 1st Birthday part 2/Dr. Suess Party

Okay so I am going to go ahead and apologize right now for the amount of pictures that I included in this post!  The sad thing is this isn't even a tiny fraction of the total amount of pictures that we took that day!!! We knew that Brayden's very first birthday was something to celebrate and that we wanted to invite all of our family and friends.  We decided to have a backyard bbq at our house the weekend after Brayden's birthday and it could not have gone any better!  My friend Kim Potter with modern bebe designs helped with our Dr. Suess theme.  I just loved the color scheme and thought all of her designs for this party were adorable!   Here are a couple pics of the decor we took before the party got started:

This table was set up as soon as you walk in the front door, it has the Dr. Suess book "Happy Birthday to You" for people to write Brayden messages throughout.  I thought this was such a neat idea and it will be so much fun to read what people wrote to Brayden on his first birthday for many birthday's to come!  On the floor  are the party favors that I completely forgot to give to most of the kiddos at the party!  They are a wrapped Suess book and some bubbles :)

The cake table! We ordered cupcakes from the same lady who did our gender reveal cupcakes because they were SO delicious!  Patty Young with "Cakes By Patty" here in San Antonio did them and a smash cake for Brayden as well.  I was so happy with the cupcakes also because they came out the perfect colors to match the rest of our decor!

More cake for little B!
There were some other sweets at the table along with some of Brayden's smash cake pictures and some Dr. Suess quotes spread out here and all throughout the party
This was my FAVORITE decoration!  It is a banner with a picture of Brayden for each month of his life. It is amazing and bittersweet to look at and I just can't believe how much this baby has changed in his first year!   I seriously just took it down today and would have left it up forever if Brian would let me!!!

Okay, so now for some pics of the party in full swing!  I tried to get pictures of everybody that came out by I am afraid that I did not!  I apologize if you were there and I am not giving you credit by including your picture!  I must say that Brian and I feel blessed beyond belief to have such amazing family and friends that love us and our sweet Brayden so much.  We were amazed at the generosity and all of the people that came to the party to celebrate with us!  

Brayden's great grandparents, Mamer and Papa Barron
Sandbox fun with friends

Aunt Sarah, Cousin Chloe, and Uncle Tom
Brayden's friends and mommy's friends :)
Me and Brayden, Mari and Sebastian
Sebastian and Brayden are only 5 days apart!

The Papes with their newest addition sweet baby Wyatt
Family pic with the birthday boy
Brayden adores his Aunt Sarah, she is so much fun!

Our sweetest neighbors Colten and Cooper

Grandparents and Great Grandparents!  
Uncle Rusty and Aunt Renese, Uncle Keithy and /aunt Christi
Uncle Keithy came down all the way from Denver!!!

Brayden giving his Grandma and Grandpa some cuddles!  He was so glad they came all the way down from Dallas!

Cutie Sebastian :)
My dear friend Tave drove down from Austin
He was so good and had such a fun time!

Okay cake time... again!!!  I know there are some of you who are probably sick of seeing our son with cake all over his face!  I swear this is the last time until next year :)

Stripped down and ready for some cake!

Singing Happy Birthday
Papparazi please!

Daddy was hungry too!
I could get used to this!
Most everyone left and we came inside to let Brayden open a few presents which was about a weeklong process!

2 of Brayden's Grandpa's 
Aunt Kathy reading Brayden a book that he loves because it makes all kinds of animal noises

Brayden and his Grandma Barron, you can't see in this picture but Brayden was having fun sitting in Grandma's lap and playing with balloons

Brayden LOVES his new car, thanks to our sweet playgroup friends ;)
And there you have it, we had one tired baby!!!
All three of us were exhausted!!!  We were definitely in a party coma for the next couple of days!
Thanks to all that came over to celebrate Brayden's first year of life, we are so glad to know you all and have you in our lives :)  Until next year!!!

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  1. The party looked amazing - I love all of the decorations! We were so sad to miss! The picture of Brayden playing in the sand box is adorable!