Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weekend in Port Aransas

We headed down to the coast this past weekend, it was our first time to go back down since the weather has been nice.  This wasn't Brayden's first trip to Port A but it was his first trip to be old enough to enjoy some of the great things the coast has to offer!  I hardly took any pictures.... Ha, ya right!  Looking at all of the pictures that we took you would think we had been there for a couple of weeks instead of just a short weekend!!!  We had planned on taking Brayden over for his first trip to the beach but it was SOOO WINDY and decided against it this time, I am sure we will go back down again soon.   Here are some great pics from the weekend :)

Can you tell how windy it was??  I love the look on determination on his face and the wind blowing all of that hair!!!

We headed over to the pool both mornings and Brayden had a blast!  There is a huge area that is only 4 inches deep and Brayden crawled all over the place.  As you can see, he especially loved playing in the fountain!  He would get water all in his face, crawl away for just a second to catch his breath and then crawl right back over to it and do it all over again!  

Brayden got to spend lots of QT with his Grandma and Papa Barron this weekend.  I just love that this boy loves books so much :)

Brayden is really fascinated with birds.  He loves to watch them fly, and always notices when he hears a bird singing.  He even says "tweet tweet" (or his version of it!)  So we decided to take Brayden to feed the birds.  This was by far my favorite part of the weekend.  Brayden laughed hysterically and had such a fun time watching the birds.  For some reason he thought it was so funny everytime I would throw a piece of bread in the air (I know my dear husband and mother in law are laughing right now because they think Brayden was laughing at the way I throw, haha!:) Anyway, we had a blast and we all laughed alot! 

Look closely at Brayden's face here, he is laughing so hard, it was contagious!!

This last picture is one of my favorite pictures of all time, it really captures sweet Brayden's personality...LOVE :)

Tomorrow this sweet baby will be 1 year old, amazing!!!

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