Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Who knew?!

So we have been living in our current house for almost three years.  In that time, we have ran, walked, or driven all over the whole neighborhood.  We are so surprised we never knew there was a great big pond with huge fish and turtles inside just a walk up the street from us!  Of course after hearing about it from a neighbor we decided to take Brayden the animal lover right away!  We brought some old tortillas to feed the fish and they scarfed them right down.  From the looks of these ginormous carps, there have been a lot of neighbor kiddos feeding them lately.  Brayden was excited at first and kept pointing at the fish, however he was so excited to see them that he spent a lot of the time trying to actually climb in swim along with them!  Here are some pics:

"dat dat dat" :)

The nice thing about this area is there are tons of trees so lots of shade which we definitely need this hot summer!  Looking forward to bringing Brayden back to explore some more!

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  1. Such a great discovery!! Looks like Brayden had a lot of fun!