Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A boy and his pup

There is nothing quite like the relationship and love between a boy and his dog....Okay so maybe the love in this relationship is pretty one sided right now but we know that once Brayden stops terrorizing Mia so much and learns how to throw her ball that she will adore him right back!  The first thing Brayden does every morning after waking up is look for and point at Mia.  He spends his days trying to get his hands on her, and enticing her to play with him by teasing her with her bone and toys.  He really loves to lay his head on her (or any dog for that matter) which is terribly sweet because he is just trying to get a little cuddle!  99% of the time Mia will not sit still for Brayden to cuddle her unless it is storming and Mia is scared-for some reason she will let him do whatever, it blows us away!

Mia and Brayden are great at sharing...

Mia's bone
Mia's bed

They even share the same water bowl!

Here are some of my recent favorites of these two buddies!

 These next few are a hilarious sequence, I wish I had a video of this one!  Brayden and Mia love to play with this dog that looks just like Mia, they both think it is theirs!  Major tug-of-war!!!

Brayden-0 Mia-1 !!!

We just know that these two are going to be best friends!  We are so lucky to have such a patient and loving pup!

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  1. Haha the tug of war sequence is hilarious! Love the sweet pictures of him laying on her!