Monday, May 13, 2013

Brayden's second birthday part 1

It feels like we celebrated Brayden's second birthday for a month straight!  Seriously every time we turned around there was another present for him to unwrap!  Poor guy was sick the week of his birthday, fever, congestion and a nasty cough.  I took him to the doctor the day before his birthday and sure enough he had croup again.  Brayden is usually such an active little boy and we know when he is really not feeling good when he would rather cuddle on the couch all day!  

Brayden RARELY sleeps in the car anymore but fell asleep on this 5 min trip to HEB to drop off his prescription :(
Luckily we went to the doctor the day before his birthday and got him started on his medicine but he was still not quite himself on the big day.  He woke up to presents and decorations which definitely had him distracted all morning.  Since he wasn't feeling well and still had fever, we stayed home at home all day.  

Loving these first two pics!

Loved his homemade cards from his sweet cousins!

What is it?!

A tractor of course!
After naps Brayden's Aunt Christi and GaGa and PaPa came over for pizza, cake, and MORE PRESENTS!!!!

A pedal tractor!

We are still working on getting the pedaling down but he definitely loves it!

Brayden loves the happy birthday song and still sings it all of the time!  When he sings it, it goes "happy to you, happy to you" over and over again but I have to admit it is pretty adorable!!!  I am pretty sure we must have sang happy birthday about  50 times that day!  

I love this picture because Brian and I are smiling for the camera and Brayden is staring at the cake! :)
We had been practicing blowing on our oatmeal at breakfast for a couple of weeks so when it came time for Brayden to blow out his birthday candles for the first time he had it figured out quick!  We sang to him and relit his candles three times for him to blow out!

And of course, Brayden is his parents child and loves him some cake!!!

 Well we officially have a two year old on our hands and let me tell you he is definitely starting to act like it!

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