Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Brayden's second birthday part two: Tractor Party!!!

With the arrival of Sterling Grace and all of the hooplah surrounding her I wanted to be sure and celebrate Brayden and his second birthday this year.  So we planned a low key backyard party at our house and invited all of his little friends.  And what else would we theme his party this year but his favorite tractors of course!!!  This made decorating incredibly easy because all I had to do was set all of Brayden's tractors out, tie some balloons on them and voila!  

Brayden is obsessed with playing in water so we decided to have some water fun in the backyard.  My mom bought this big blow up pool when my niece was a toddler and it is still hanging in there.  Brayden for sure had a BLAST playing with all of his friends and they all seemed like they were having a pretty great time too!

Brayden pretty much followed Colten around the whole party!

Sweet baby Evan is only a week younger than S

And what did little S do the whole time???  
Get snuggled of course!  She got held alot but slept alot too :)

If I ever can't find Sterling I know where to look...Aunt Sarah!!!

Grandpa Rehkopf pretty much hogged her the whole party

Double Decker cookie cake=to die for!!!

 LOVE these next couple shots of Brayden digging in to his cake!

With Grandpa and PaPa

MaryPat and her two sweet girls

Everyone loves to drive the train except Brayden!

Isabella with her sweet baby sisters
 Once everyone was gone it was time for what else but PRESENTS!!!  It is amazing how good Brayden can open presents now compared to his first birthday!

Get naked and sit on a present of course!

He was probably finished opening all of his presents in about 5 min flat!

Brayden had the best time at his birthday party and we are so incredibly blessed to have such great family and friends to celebrate with! Thanks to everyone who came and shared this day with us!
Thanks also to all of my photographers who helped capture all of these special moments while I enjoyed the party :)

We all were exhausted and after the baptism last weekend and the birthday party this weekend I had a major party hangover!!!

"Happy to you Brayden!!!"
We LOVE you!!!
Until next year....

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  1. Love all of these pictures!! It was such a great party! Can't believe that sweet boy is already 2!