Tuesday, June 4, 2013

First Coast Trips of the Summer! April-May 2013

Somewhere between birthdays and baptisms we managed to make it down to Port A for a long relaxing weekend!  This is the infamous weekend when B decided he no longer wanted to be sleeping in his crib!  It was still a little cool out this weekend but we still managed to enjoy the water some.  Here are some pics from the weekend:

Lunch in the marina
 Pool time!  Last year Brayden didn't weigh enough to wear floaties so this summer will be his first to use them.  He is still very hesitant about the pool but I am sure by the end of the summer he will be jumping right in!

A little chilly so we spent most of our time in the hot tub

Brayden loves to walk his pup, Mia...not so much!  She is def a trooper!
Tug, tug, "MIA!!!!!"
 And Brian's favorite thing in the world (insert sarcasm :)) Beach time!!!
Brayden was also hesitant to get in the water at the beach but of course loved playing in the sand.  I don't blame him though because the water was flippin cold!!!

We headed back down for another long weekend, Memorial Day weekend:
Brayden got to go fishing for the his first time!

Unfortunately they didn't get any bites, maybe next time!!!

Sweet Baby S sleeping where she can!

Chillin on the boat with PaPa 
We spent more time at the pool and Brayden really started to loosen up!  We decided we liked these floaties better (vs the one that goes across his stomach as well) and he is learning to keep his head up!  Brayden is definitely getting more brave in the water and even jumped in this weekend!  BUT... he wont do anything without "mommys hand, or daddys hand"!  He seriously has a death grip on our hands the entire time we are in the pool!

And this is pretty much what Sterling does... :)

I forgot to mention that the kids were great in the car on the way down and back.  Whether we go at naptime or after, both kids adapted and did well.  We definitely still have to stop once to get Ms. S fed but it is not too bad of a drive thank goodness!  
We had a couple great weekends down in Port A and are looking forward to going back again soon!!!

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