Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My sweet S is 3 months old!

I love her little mischievous half smile here!
Well hello gorgeous!!!

No you didn't miss her 2 month post, there was not one!  I didn't even get an " official 2 month picture" of this poor second child!!! Coincidentally I looked back and realized I never did a 2 month update on Brayden either so I guess that the second month is just crazy busy getting adjusted!!!  AND..... I just took those pictures today and just realized that I wrote 2 months on the chalkboard instead of 3!!!!  OOPS!!  But, those pics were taken today on her 3 month birthday!  So here is what is going on with our sweet baby Sterling at 3 months old:

*Sterling really is THE BEST baby!  She very rarely cries and when she does she is very easily consoled.  She goes with the flow and lets me lay her down and entertains herself often while I am entertaining/taking care of B!
*Sterling is still nursing about 7 times a day.  I recently switched her from a 2 1/2 hour schedule during the day to 3 hours during the day which dropped us from 8 feedings to 7.  I just noticed that she wasn't nursing as well and having quality feedings and I think that the extra thirty minutes helps and she is eating better.
*Oh sweet sweet sleep how I miss you so!!! Sterling has been very inconsistent with her nighttime sleep!  At around 2 months she had done several 8 hour stretches at night.  Then for a couple of weeks she was waking every 3-4 hours again at night, ugghh!!!  And for the past couple of nights she has been going about 5 1/2-6 hours waking around 2-3 AM and then again between 5 and 6 AM which isn't quite so bad!  Either way we get up around 8-8:30 for her first official feeding of the day and she eats every 3 hours until bedtime.
*I will say however that Sterling has good bedtime habits.  We can put her in her crib wide awake and she puts herself to sleep with very little to no crying and no pacifier.  This is definitely a blessing!
*S is still sleeping in the pack and play next to our bed and I don't anticipate us moving her anytime soon!
*Sterling is starting to stay awake for longer stretches during the day.  At about 2 months Sterling was only awake for about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes before she was ready for another nap.  At 3 months she is able to stay awake for about an hour and a half-two hours before she goes down for her nap.  Morning naps are kind of hit and miss with her because we are usually out and about so she has been going down for pretty predicable and long early and late afternoon naps at about 2 hours each.
*I swore after my experience with Brayden that I would not use the pacifier with Brayden but have starting using it some with Sterling.  Mainly when she is in her carseat and we are on the go during the day or if I need to tide her over until I feed her again but we are still not using it at night!
*Sterling is more and more alert everyday!  She is so interested in her surroundings and especially likes to watch Brayden and Mia.  She turns her head to follow your voice and of course the most rewarding thing is to see her beautiful smile!!!  When I get her up in the morning or from her nap and she realizes I am there she gives me the biggest sweetest smile!
*She is also "talking" and cooing mainly in response to being talked to or when you smile and make faces at her.
*She rolled over a couple of times at 2 months then not again for a couple weeks, did it again for a couple of days and now is not doing it again.  I seem to remember this with Brayden too where he would learn to do something new and then not do it again for awhile, I guess she is busy learning other things right now!
*Just today I tried giving her some breastmilk from her first ever bottle and she took it like a champ, no hesitations and drank the whole thing!  This is huge for me because it means I can be away from her longer than 3 hours at a time if I need or want to be!

First bottle!!!

And some more pics from the past couple of months

Still getting swaddled for naps and bedtime but clearly this swaddle was no longer working out for us...

Why did I never know about the "miracle blanket" with Brayden?!  This thing is awesome and it is very rare that she gets her self out of this little straight jacket!!!

We have started spending a little bit of time in the bumbo

Still getting baths on the kitchen sink but just last night I noticed she is starting to outgrow her little bathtub!

Sterling's 2 month appointment

Still looks just like Brayden did at this age

And the silent cry face, poor girl :(
2 shots in 1 leg and 1 in the other, ouch!!!
Checking herself out in the mirror!
Sterling never had anything to do with her swing until I took her to the gym.  We started going to the gym and taking her to the kids club around 8 weeks and I noticed every time I picked her up she was fast asleep in the swing!  She does great at the gym by the way with the girls that work there thank goodness!  I use it now at home just to keep her happy before a feeding or a nap.
Sterling has a super strong neck and freakishly strong little legs!

SO in love with this sweet little face!

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  1. Seriously, Patti, you make ridiculously gorgeous children!