Thursday, June 6, 2013

May happenings 2013

We have been super busy around here and I have definitely taken lots of pictures this month!  Here is what we have been up to:  

Naked tractor ride?!  Yes please!
This child would live naked if we would let him!!!
Grandma Torres came and stayed with us while daddy went down to Port A for a fishing tournament.  She was a HUGE help and Brayden loved having her come stay!  

She felt so bad when Sterling cried during her bath!!!

"watering" the plants
Brayden loves squirting people and things with the spray bottle so Grandma was trying to encourage him to spray the plants instead!

We spent mothers day at the Barron's house, it was a gorgeous day and Brayden had a blast as always!

Buddy has PaPa wrapped around his little finger!  They are best buds!
Brayden is REALLY into basketball these days

Me and my babies on Mothers Day
I took Sterling to Dallas to help throw a baby shower for my sweet friend Allie so the boys stayed home by themselves.  Brian took Brayden out to McAllister Park to watch the little league play and Brayden loved it!!!  Can't wait to get that sweet little uniform on him in a couple of years!

Can you spot the pregnant girl?!  Barely!  Allie has got to be the cutest pregnant person that ever lived, no joke!  An added bonus to going to Al's showers is that we went to school together from kinder all the way through college so we pretty much have the same groups of friends!  It was great celebrating Allie, Baby R, and catching up with everyone too!  Can't wait till little Baby R makes his debut in July!!!

While in Dallas, Sterling got to meet her cousins and her Aunt and Uncle!!!  The kids were GREAT with her! :)

We got to see Grandma 3 times this month!!!

A little homemade sidewalk paint had Brayden entertained for a while!

Somehow I left these out of my last Port A post... this kid is like his mom and dad and can put away an icecream cone!!!

Buddy had his first (very slow) boat ride with Daddy, PaPa and Aunt Christi!

And maybe a little regression since Sterling was born?!?!.....

Brayden did great at his 2 year checkup!  This was his first time to stand on the big boy scale and he was a champ!

Cuties!  Now whenever he drinks out of this cup he says "Demi's cup"!
Sweet sibling love!!!

"Wild Bronco" Jury's still out whether Brayden actually likes this game or not because he spends about half of the time crying, scared of the bucking bronco (Brian!)

And finally Daddy teaching Brayden what all little boys should to go potty outside

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