Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sterling's Baptism

Our sweet baby Sterling was baptized April 20 among our most amazing family and friends.  We were so honored to be able to use the "Barron baptismal gown".  Brian and most of his cousins wore this gown when they were baptized and it is made with the lace of his grandmothers wedding dress, how cool is that?!  The only thing about this particular gown is the neck is pretty small so if we wanted to use it we had to get her baptized fast!!  It was good though because it just put a little fire under me to get organized and get it done!!!  One of the things I love about the way they do baptisms at our church is that they have a private ceremony so it feels so much more personal and you don't have to worry about interruptions from a certain two year old!!!  Speaking of that sweet two year old, I think there are just as many pictures of him from this morning as there are of Sterling!  Of course, he always steals the show and had a great time with a big audience to entertain!  

Brayden was dying to get into this holy water!

Father Conor performed the baptism

Brayden getting some love from Father

Pouring of the holy water

Lighting his baptism candle


I like the way Father looks here, he is always a little tentative about holding our babies!

Sterling with her incredibly sweet Godparents, her Aunt Christi and our  great friend Jerad 

Shout out to the photographer of the day, Thanks Keithy!  I am guessing since you took this pic that you wanted me to include it :)

Happy Grandmas with sweet S

Brayden decided to act bashful and wouldn't come out from between my legs!

Brayden with his Godmother Aunt Sarah Rehkopf
Sterling girl and Grandpa Rehkopf
Okay so I am annoyed that I couldn't get these two pictures to line up but here is a quick comparison showing how much Sterling looks like Brayden!  Brayden was baptized at four months though so is quite a bit older in this picture
Brayden at his baptism
Sterling girl at hers!  
Afterwards we had everyone over for lunch.  We all had a great time, Sterling got passed around plenty, and Brayden had a BLAST playing and loved all the attention!

Thanks for coming down from Dallas Grandma!!!

Happy Godmother

PaPa and Keithy

Aunt Sarah and Aunt Christi

Brayden with his buddy Colten

Great Mamer and PaPa Barron

Brayden's BEST buddies!  Such good boys! :)
Cooper took Brayden for a ride!
The Rehkopf's
And, the end of the day!  Sarah put Sterling to sleep after a long day :)

Such a blessed day, definitely felt lots of love!!!

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