Sunday, December 29, 2013

November 2013

Most of my recent posts have included pictures from November but there were a couple of things that got left out!

These first ones are of  Brian and Brayden helping load the truck with food from our community food drive.  We love that Brayden was able to be a part of this and think its so important that he learns to be compassionate and giving as he grows up.

We celebrated Grandpa's birthday November 10 :)

Lately Brayden has been sleeping with a lot of babies!  This picture doesn't even show half of them!

Dylan's choo-choo

"You're Iron Man Sterling" (while hitting her on the head with a piece of paper…)

Dylan's Bday Party

Oh my gosh I love all babies in a onesie but  especially  my sweet 2 1/2 year old boy!
 We got away for a weekend in Fredericksburg with great friends while GaGa and PaPa took care of the kids.  Our first time to leave our sweet S and they both did great!  I wish I had a group pic but didn't get one!:(

And this about sums it up…we don't get out much anymore, lol!!!!

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