Friday, December 20, 2013

Sweet Sterling girl at 9 months

I know I am a couple weeks late but it we have had a crazy December so far!  AND Sterling is one of the reasons I have been so busy, can you tell from the pictures?!  Baby girl is so active and just will not sit still.  Here is what Sterling is  up to at 9 months:

*She is still crawling everywhere and when she sees something she wants she crawls at furious speeds!
*She is pulling up on anything and anyone who will let her

*Sweet girl puts everything and I mean everything in her mouth!  She will find the tiniest crumb on the floor and it automatically goes to her mouth which drives me nuts with the vacuuming!!!
*She recently started standing unassisted and it seems like daily she is doing it for longer and longer periods of time and then she'll just plop down to her bottom and crawl on to the next thing
*She loves to walk holding both of our hands.  Won't be long till our baby is walking!
*Sterling is so so so sweet!  She is such a little baby doll and is just all smiles all the time :)

*She has going up the stairs down (which is a little scary) and is working on going downstairs practicing in the playroom where there are just two stairs and it doesn't hurt too bad when she falls
*Girlfriend is still obsessed with Brayden, watches him, copies him, and chases after him which most of the time is not welcomed by our buddy ("no ster-wing" "I don't want her to touch me!!!")
*She is really loving eating her solids these days and especially likes feeding herself any little foods I give her

*Sterling loves any little toys she can put in her mouth and also likes any toys that makes noise or light up.  She also likes big things that she can push around and walk behind.  She still likes playing with balls and chasing them all around the house and under furniture too.

She loves pushing this thing around, Brayden did when he was her age too :)

*We kept our friends dog over Thanksgiving and Sterling thought he was her new toy!  She seriously did this all day everyday when he was here.  She also liked crawling over him back and forth over and over again.  He is seriously the best dog though and never even budged when she pulled his hair or crawled on top of him!  Here are some pics of Sterling and sweet Bexar

Such a sweetie and getting more fun everyday!!!  We are so excited to spend her first Christmas with her :)

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